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How to write a great Craigslist ad

Want to sell things on Craigslist fast? We give you tips on how to craft the perfect classified ad to get the job done in no time.


The KickBack Machine: Learn what works, and what doesn’t, on Kickstarter

The KickBack Machine lets hopeful crowdfunders browse both successful and unsuccessful Kickstarter projects with ease.


Epic Fail: NBC mistakes ‘Social Network’ actor for Mark Zuckerberg

NBC sportscaster Bob Fitzgerald makes a blunder after spotting Jesse Eisenberg in the crowd then referred to him as the Facebook creator.

Social Media

Google buys Frommer’s, plans to merge with Zagat?

Google has purchased the Frommer's travel guide brand for an undisclosed sum, and may be planning on merging it with another recent purchase, restaurant ratings guide Zagat.


Hands on with App.net, the pay-for Twitter disruption platform

In the wake of Twitter's harsh words for outside developers, App.net managed to surpass its funding goals and launch an alpha service. Check out our first impressions.

Social Media

HuffPost Live lets anyone be a news pundit

AOL's Huffington Post hasdebuted the next generation of Web news with HuffPost Live, a streaming news network that invites live audience contributions.

Social Media

Etsy updates its prohibited items list: No more black market organs here

After extensive researches of "offbeat and fascinating topics," Etsy has updated its policy to prohibit a slew of products "not in the Etsy spirit."


Google piracy penalty: YouTube, other user-generated content sites not in danger

Google's new anti-piracy search filter will not exclude Google-owned YouTube -- but probably won't hurt it much either.


FBI suspected Kim Dotcom of possessing a ‘Doomsday Device’ to wipe evidence

Could Kim Dotcom delete incriminating evidence around the world with the click of a button? No, but the FBI suspected he could.


Coming to America: How The Legend of Zelda made it from Japanese to English

Ace translator Clyde Mandelin has spilled a few new details on how The Legend of Zelda made its original journey to both English and America.


Riding the subway in DC, rolling the dice in Vegas, touring NYC? TrapWire is watching you

TrapWire's high-end security software has been deployed all over the world, using sophisticated algorithms and facial recognition to connect the dots in potential security threats.

Cool Tech

In case of death, Google continues paying spouse for ten years

Adding to the many perks for Google employees, the search company revealed an extremely generous death benefits policy.


Craigslist Joe review

In this spirited and uplifting documentary, filmmaker Joe Garner goes on a craigslist-fueled cross-country adventure, and in the process gives us a tutorial on 'going Kerouac' in the Internet era.

Movies & TV

Etsy halts sales of medical items, human body parts

Likely attempting to avoid any legal trouble for the sale of problematic items, Etsy's management has clarified what types of items are illegal to sell on the marketplace.


Zaarly Storefront: Power ‘taskers’ invited to join secret, new Zaarly feature

Zaarly is inviting its top "taskers" to help develop its "Zaarly Storefront," a new directory featuring sellers of goods and services.