Five million Gmail addresses, passwords leak out

The data was posted on a Bitcoin security forum, but a significant amount of them are out of date. Learn more here.

Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and other sites join ‘Internet Slowdown’ protest

Dozens of high-profile Internet companies joined the "Internet Slowdown" protest, which will be held on September 10. The protest aims to show how the creation of Internet fast and slow lanes would affect service.
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Watch Disney’s DuckTales theme recreated with actual ducks

Disney blog "Oh My Disney" has recreated the opening theme of beloved '80s cartoon DuckTales using actual ducks in place of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews.

Apple rolls out new iCloud pricing, adds 500GB and 1TB options

Apple has just posted new pricing for its iCloud remote storage service, with new options for 500GB and 1TB. The rollout comes just ahead of the launch of iCloud Drive, which will offer users a more Dropbox-like service.

We love you, Internet! These are the 10 funniest jokes about Apple’s Watch

The Oatmeal, The Onion, and others made us laugh when we saw their reactions to Apple's Watch announcement. We think you will too. Learn more here.

Cybercrime: Home Depot confirms security breach, could be bigger than Target’s

Home Depot is the latest high-profile retailer to discover it's been hit by a point-of-sales hack that's been harvesting the payment card details of millions of customers. It's thought the breach could be even bigger than the one that hit…

Microsoft removes Bing Image Widget after Getty Images files lawsuit

Microsoft's Bing Image Widget has been taken down after Getty Images filed a lawsuit alleging that it illegally contained photos from its library.

Google to hold public debates about ‘right to be forgotten’ throughout Europe

Google will hold public debates about the "right to be forgotten" ruling throughout Europe this fall. Learn more here.

Music piracy has “murdered” rock and roll, says Gene Simmons

Filesharing and piracy have reduced the value of music to such an extent that "rock is finally dead" in the opinion of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, and we won't see another band like The Rolling Stones.

How to watch college football live streams online

We've got everything you need to know to watch college football using your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Grab those jerseys, people. It's almost game time.

Apple CEO promises new security measures after iCloud celebrity photo hack

Keen to reassure Apple customers that their data is safe on its remote servers following the recent iCloud celebrity photo hack, company boss Tim Cook said new security measures will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Verizon gets slapped with $7.4 million fine for customer privacy violations

The FCC slapped Verizon with a $7.4 million fine. The fine stems from Verizon's targeted marketing campaigns, which were created using customer information. Customers were not informed of the campaigns.