Eminem is set to auction 10 pairs of 'friends and family' Air Jordans on eBay

Eminem's charity the Marshall Mathers Foundation and Detroit apparel company Carhartt have partnered with Jordan Brand for 10 pairs of special "friends and family Air Jordan IV sneakers to be auctioned on eBay on Nov. 10.

India might be the next to adopt Project Loon, Alphabet’s ambitious Internet plan

Alphabet is in preliminary talks with India's government about establishing a constellation of Internet balloons across the country, to provide Internet access to the million incapable of paying or accessing broadband.
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Tor Project launches its first cross-platform messenger app for anonymous, encrypted IM

The Tor Project has launched a beta version of Tor Messenger, a cross-platform messenger client that automatically enables Off-The-Record chat protocol to keep text content and metadeta encrypted and anonymous through the Tor Network.
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Circle with Disney lets you rule your household Internet with an iron fist 5:49

Circle with Disney is a device that connects to an Internet router, giving parents control over the kind of content their kids can access, and when it can be accessed.

Data leak affects nearly half a million vBulletin users following targeted hack

vBulletin has taken another hit to its reputation this week, as it was discovered that almost half a million customer records had been copied away from its website following a hack by one individual who goes by the name ColdZer0.

The UK government is trying to legalize mass surveillance this week

The UK government is pushing through a bill to legalize mass surveillance, named the Investigatory Powers Bill. It is the bill's third draft, after failing twice to pass under the coalition government.

In an embarrassing error, Google Translate invites people to a Clitoris Festival

This small Spanish town entrusted the translation of its upcoming culinary festival promotional text to Google Translate, which resulted in it being renamed the Clitoris Festival, an embarrassing error that went unnoticed for several…

Google’s Smart Reply for Inbox uses neural networks to generate possible email responses

Google's Smart Reply, a new feature rolling out to Inbox on Android and iOS, uses artificial intelligence to generate possible responses to email messages. It's surprisingly perceptive.

Popular movie-streaming site PopcornTime.io is no more. Thanks, courts!

Courts in New Zealand and Canada have shuttered popular Popcorn Time website PopcornTime.io as part of an MPAA-led anti-piracy effort. It's hardly the first time Popcorn Time's found itself the target of Hollywood.

Report: Teens now spend more hours consuming media than sleeping

According to a new report from non-profit group Common Sense Media, teenagers now spend a whopping nine hours a day using media (and are averaging just seven hours of sleep). Out of these nine hours, nearly seven are spent in front of a…

Want a new alternative browser? Vivaldi launches into public beta 1:13

Chrome alternative Vivaldi has announced it is stepping into public beta, after two million technical preview downloads. The web browser is built for the most demanding users, and has a few new tricks to show off.

Edward Snowden touts Signal for your end-to-end encrypted messaging needs

Edward Snowden needs to be extra careful on the Internet, and one of the ways he keeps safe is by using Signal, an end-to-end encrypted messaging app launching on the Google Play store today.