Upworthy unleashed clickbait on the Internet, but now it wants to take it back

Upworthy cofounder Peter Koechley apologized for his site's usage of sensationalized, clickbait headlines. Moving forward, Koechley said his site will now focus on content that draw a wide array of emotions from readers.

China’s shadowy cyber-warfare capabilities unmasked in official report

China has always denied that it has any form of official hacking division, but now its infrastructure has been detailed in a new report that comes straight from the country's government.

Listen up! Now you can livestream Internet radio shows on your blog using TuneIn

Online radio service TuneIn has just launched a new feature that lets broadcasters, website owners, and bloggers embed a live radio player into their sites, a move that'll likely take the service beyond its already massive user base.

Amazon brings its speedy Prime Now one-hour delivery service to Baltimore and Miami

Launched in late 2014, Amazon's Prime Now one-hour delivery service has until now been available only in New York. Now the service is moving to new cities, starting with Baltimore and Miami, with more coming later this year.
Movies & TV

Sony’s Playstation Vue Web TV service rolls out in select cities starting at $50 (Update)

Sony plans to begin rolling out its Vue TV subscription service to select markets today, with pricing starting at $50, and moving up to $70.

Premera Blue Cross is the latest health insurer to fall victim to a cyberattack

Premera Blue Cross, a health insurer based in the Pacific Northwest, announced it was the victim of a cyberattack. As many as 11 million customers could be affected by the hack.

Islamic State starts its own social network after being banned on Facebook and Twitter

The Islamic State have been kicked off Facebook and Twitter, so supporters have decided to start their own social network. It's already gone offline to protect the identities of its members.

Collaborate on Microsoft Office documents with Dropbox’s Badge

Dropbox for Business has brought its Badge collaborative feature for Microsoft Office out of early access and added commenting features to make it easier for users to reply on the service for real-time collaboration.

Microsoft to axe Internet Explorer

The negative image associated with the Internet Explorer name seemingly can't be undone, and now Microsoft has decided to call it quits for the brand. A renamed Project Spartan will be the default Windows 10 browser.

Ikea predicts chaos, says no to massive hide-and-seek game with 32,000 players

Ikea's decision to allow a game of hide-and-seek at one of its stores last year may have seemed like a clever customer-relations move at the time, but now it looks like the whole thing has gotten a bit out of control.

This could get expensive: eBay’s going to livestream Sotheby’s New York auctions

If you're an avid eBay user and fancy taking part in a high-end Sotheby's auction, a new livestream site from the e-commerce giant makes it easier than ever to place bids. Just make sure you have enough money in the bank before you start.

YouTube replaces those annoying annotations with slightly less irksome cards

YouTube's annoying annotations are finally getting a less pesky replacement: cards. The cards look much nicer than the annotations, and you can even make them go away, if you don't want them cluttering up your view.