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Lycos planning a comeback in 2013

Lycos is planning on making a Web comeback in 2013, but won't be taking on search engine giant Google, says Lycos CEO Rob Balazy.


Surprise! Google extends free Gmail voice calling yet again

Google has announced that its calling service through its Gmail app will remain free for yet another year in the U.S. and Canada.


Netflix promises “social sharing” for users in 2013

After the U.S. Senate recently passed a bill to make sharing video content online easier, Netflix aims to bring "social sharing" features to users in 2013.

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Randi Zuckerberg runs afoul of Facebook’s new privacy rules

It looks like Randi Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and the mind behind Bravo’s grating reality show “Start-ups,” had an awkward encounter with Facebook’s decidedly murky privacy rules this Christmas. Seemingly, even Clan Zucks isn’t immune…

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Digital re-gifting: The Internet wants your ugly sweater

If you're planning on regifting, here are some steps you need to take using the Internet to successful regift your unwanted gift.


Google sings praises of Ireland’s cold, chilly weather – it’s perfect for its data centers, says Web giant

The weather may not seem like an obvious consideration when it comes to choosing the location of a data center, but for Google and others, a cold climate is perfect for pushing its costs down and green credentials up.


9 ways the Web and connected computing are going to change in 2013

It's time to say goodbye to 2012 and look ahead to 2013 - and to start making predictions about how our connected world is going to change over the next year.


Steve Jobs’ luxury yacht now free to leave port after payment dispute is settled

Steve Jobs' luxury yacht is now free to sail from Amsterdam following the settlement of a payment dispute between the Jobs estate and the acclaimed designer Philippe Starck, who helped Jobs design the vessel.


Where’s Santa? Well, it depends which tracker you’re following

Children around the world can have twice the fun following Santa this Christmas Eve, with two trackers – one from Google and the other from NORAD – watching his every move.


Beware Trojan.Stabuniq, a new malware targeting American banks

Symantec has released information about new malware it has discovered that appears to be targeting American banks and credit unions. Is it time to be scared yet?


Hey, big (online) spender! Final-week holiday spending jumps colossal 53 percent on a year ago

Final week holiday season shopping in the US has seen consumers jumping online to make purchases like never before.


Flickr offers 3 free months of its Pro service, attempts to snag disgruntled Instagram users

No doubt hoping to sweep up a few Instagram deserters along the way, Flickr is offering three months of its Pro service for free.


Amazon announces six new original TV shows

Amazon is moving into original comedy series production, but it wants its customers' input to decide which of six promising pilots it should turn into a full series.


Terms & Conditions: If Instagram has your knickers in a twist, Flickr might untwist ’em

If you're still in a huff about the Instagram terms of service, you might switch your photo-sharing life over to Flickr, which allows for far more limited uses of your pictures than Instagram ever did.


‘Cards Against Humanity’ raises $70,000 for Wikipedia

A party game that got its start through online crowdfunding has donated the profits from its most-recent Internet experiment to Wikipedia. Is this the new digital circle of life?