Assange’s inventive escape plans revealed in secret papers from Ecuadorean Embassy

Leaked papers detailing Julian Assange's life inside the Ecuadorean Embassy reveal a sometimes tense atmosphere, with talk of "clashes with embassy staff, concerns over Assange’s psychological health, and potential escape plans."
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CBS will live stream select NFL regular season games, playoffs, and Super Bowl 50

Keeping up with the upcoming NFL season will be a little bit easier thanks to CBS. The network will live stream two regular season NFL games for the first time this season, as well as four playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Hotels aren’t putting up with Orbitz and Expedia anymore

Large conglomerates like Hyatt and Hilton are now offering various incentives to customers to book through the hotels directly, rather than going through sites like Expedia or other third-party discount travel companies.

PayPal launches new payments service to pay friends easily

A vast majority of people in the U.S. either owe or are owed a small amount of money and PayPal wants to make sure that payment is sent. They have launched a new service directly to tackle the problem of not paying for small loans.

Google’s logo grows up by slimming down, shaking off serifs

To go along with the new branding, Google's new logo loses the serifs and smooths out the colors for a look that feels right at home in the new Android UI. It's the sixth iteration of the search giant's logo since the 1990s.

Google accused of gaming search results in favor of advertisers in India

They're two of the biggest tech companies, so there's naturally competition between Google and Facebook. But things are getting nasty in India, where Google is being accused of gaming search results, and Facebook is testifying against them.

Hacked? No problem, says Ashley Madison, whose user base is “still growing”

A little hacking never hurt nobody. At least, that's the mantra Ashley Madison is repeating, as the adultery website reports that it is "still growing" despite the recent hack that compromised millions of data records.

John McAfee: How no one got laid on Ashley Madison

How could it be that tens of millions of men paid up to $1,000 or more to find cheating housewives at Ashley Madison and none of them managed to do it? Notorious security expert John McAfee explains all.

U.S. said to be considering sanctions against China over cyberthefts

The Obama administration is reportedly considering economic sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals that it believes have benefitted from cyberthefts. The unprecedented action could be announced in the coming weeks, the…

Google will automatically pause Flash ads and videos in Chrome starting Sept. 1

Google is joining the ranks of companies sounding the death knell of Adobe’s Flash: The company announced that it will automatically pause Flash content in its Chrome browser starting Sept. 1.

Stories you missed this week: Wiz Khalifa ‘hoverboard’ arrest, the next Hummer

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you. We've got news of Apple's iPhone 6S September 9 event and more.