Samsung outsells Nokia in home market of Finland, plans to open R&D center there too

As global sales of Nokia phones fell behind those of other mobile makers in recent years, the Finnish company thought it could at least rely on the loyalty of its customers at home. Data released this week, however, suggests otherwise.

Feds shut down online payment network on money laundering charges

Striking a blow to the way criminals digitally launder money online, federal authorities took steps to close online payment network Liberty Reserve on a few charges of money laundering.

Chrome Experiment’s ‘Roll It’ turns your browser into a Skee-Ball machine

Google's newest Chrome Experiment game is a 3D version of Skee-Ball that allows players to use their smartphone as the controller. Don't toss the phone too hard or you might break your computer screen!
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Slow-mo-ify your videos with new YouTube Editor effect

Slow motion is now available for free to every content creator on YouTube.

In unsurprising news, ‘Arrested Development’ traffic skyrocketed this weekend

The Bluth family's return was a big boon for Netflix. While the show might have some early criticisms, the years-long anticipation of a comeback was enough to send us all to stream the show this weekend.
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You’ve heard of online dating, but what about online divorcing?

A new service called Wevorce wants to take divorce to the Web in order to streamline the process and drive down some of the costs. Hey, if you can find love online, why not ... divorce?
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Thanks Twitter, but here’s everything that’s wrong with your two-factor authentication set-up

After a string of attacks on Twitter, the social network launched two-factor authentication, but is it enough?

The Digital Self: Tomorrow’s politicians are ruining their online reputations today

Anthony Weiner was forced to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives after a woman outed his habit of sending penis pictures via Twitter and email. But get ready – he might be the first, but he certainly won't be the last politician…
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Netflix to double exclusive original series in 2014

If you've enjoyed original series on Netflix, including this weekend's Arrested Development: Good news. The company's CEO says there might be twice as much content on the way for next year.

Google Maps rolls out biking directions for more European countries

Google first introduced biking directions to Maps in 2010, making it easy for cyclists to discover more scenic, quieter and safer routes. The company on Monday expanded the feature by rolling out new data for more cycle routes in several…

QR codes to the rescue! Mercedes-Benz to stick codes on cars to help save crash victims

Mercedes-Benz vehicles will soon be fitted with QR codes which link to rescue sheets that provide firefighters and paramedics with important information about the car's layout, enabling them to reach trapped car crash victims quickly and…

Search like a spy with these tips from a declassified NSA document

Following a recent FOIA request, the National Security Agency's previously confidential guide to internet research has been released to the public