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Mount Everest gigapixel image lets you see Base Camp and climbers up close

A stunning two-gigapixel image of Mount Everest and the surrounding area allows viewers to zoom in close enough to see Everest Base Camp and even climbers.


Australian university to hand out 11,000 iPads to students and staff

The University of Western Sydney is set to hand out 11,000 iPads to staff and students in Janauary in an initiative designed to offer a more dynamic and effective learning experience.


Google introduces ‘see inside’ button for easy access to interior views

As an increasing number of stores, restaurants and other such places have their interiors photographed for Google's Business Pages, the web giant has rolled out a 'See inside' button on its search pages offering easy access to the interior imagery.


FTC ordering data brokers to turn over our information

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is showing its teeth today. On top of expanding privacy law to make it more difficult to track children, the FTC is now ordering data brokers to hand over the information they’ve collected on online consumers, exposing their…

Social Media

Facebook removing “via” attribution for third-party apps

Heads up, marketers: The way Facebook handles third-party apps has changed, but it may be for the better. Stories published on official pages will no longer have the currently subtle attribution linking out to apps like Hootsuite and Seesmic. It’s a small…

Social Media

Viral video of Golden Eagle snatching kid rendered fake

Three students at a Canadian design school have come forth, taking credit for the hoax that was the viral video of an eagle snatching a child in a Montreal park.


Google announces Santa-tracking app to rival NORAD and Microsoft

Shortly after Google and NORAD decided to part ways, Google announced its own app to track Santa on Christmas Eve.


Tracking kids’ online activities just got a lot harder

The Federal Trade Commission today updated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act to include social networks and mobile apps, in addition to websites. It also makes explicit what counts as kids' "personal information," and makes it easier for companies…


Bitcasa offers ‘infinite’ cloud storage on Windows 8 and Android, Mac and iOS coming in January

Bitcasa adds Android and Windows 8 support and offers "infinite" cloud storage for users. Mac and iOS versions to arrive in January.


Netflix-Facebook bill passes U.S. House without email privacy protections

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that will enable Netflix users to automatically share which videos they've watched with friends on Facebook, but which does not include provisions added by the Senate that would have required law enforcement…

Movies & TV

Penguin settles with DOJ over e-book price fixing allegations

One of the two remaining publishers facing legal action over possible illegal price fixing of e-books has settled with the US Department of Justice. Penguin's settlement means that only Macmillan and Apple remain named in the upcoming trial next year.


[Exclusive] Visual curation platform Pearltrees now lets you customize your pages

Pearltrees announced an update to its platform today that will allow users the limited personalization of icons and backgrounds for their pearls.

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Brazilian tech firm launches ‘iphone’, Apple lawyers brush up their Portuguese

A Brazilian tech firm has just launched a new range of 'iphone' devices in the South American country. Now, does that name sound at all familiar?


Google Music introduces scan and match for U.S. users

After a long wait, Google's music service is finally bringing a scan and match feature to US users. Now all those previously acquired tracks can have a home inside the storage service.


Wunderlist 2: Faster, simpler, and just in time for holiday shopping frenzy

Berlin-based 6wunderkinder finally released the latest edition of its task management app: Wunderlist 2. This time around, the ultra-simplified app makes task management faster than ever.