European Union votes in favor of splitting Google into smaller companies

Lawmakers in Europe on Thursday voted to split Web giant Google into smaller companies in a bid to curb its burgeoning presence and power. However, the vote is non-binding and so Google will, for now at least, remain intact.

The Syrian Electronic Army celebrates Thanksgiving with widespread ad hack

If your holiday Web browsing has been interrupted by a series of unwanted pop-up messages, you're not alone — the SEA has targeted a broad range of popular websites with its latest hack.

Twitter Offers stores coupons on your credit card for in-store purchases

Twitter enters the digital coupon market with Twitter Offer, a feature that allows users to store coupons on debit and credit cards. The cash back deals can then be redeemed in physical stores.

Programmer behind webcam-snooping website replaces content with a job ad

The programmer behind a webcam-snooping website that hit the headlines last week for showing live streams from inside people's homes has replaced the site's content with, of all things, a job ad.

Only happy accidents: here are the best Error 404 pages on the Web

We all know 404 pages are a bad sign. Thankfully, though, some Web developers have transformed their error pages into something more. Check out 17 of our favorite 404 pages on the Web, whether you prefer screaming goats, trippy visuals, or…

If you want an ad-free Internet, sign up for Google Contributor

Google is running a small experiment to see if users are willing to pay a small monthly fee to stop seeing ads on the Web — and to stop Google tracking their online activities at the same time.

Amazon’s next venture? A hotel booking service, apparently….

Big Amazon shopper? How do you like the idea of booking a hotel through the site, too? From the start of next year, you may be able to do just that, as the Web company is reportedly gearing up to launch a hotel reservation service called…

The European Parliament wants to chop Google up into different pieces

The European Parliament is considering a draft motion that would split Google up into different companies. The rationale is that Google has become too large of a company.

Amazon signs lease on huge Manhattan premises, possibly for first physical store

A real estate company confirmed Thursday Amazon has signed a 17-year lease on a huge site in midtown Manhattan. The premises, located close to the Empire State Building, could become the e-commerce firm's first brick-and-mortar store.
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How to search through every public tweet sent since 2006

Good news, Twitterers; you can now search through each and every public tweet sent since 2006.

Google brings Chrome browser to the 21st century with 64-bit Mac OS X support

Google's Chrome, the second most used desktop browser in the world, has just received a major update, with 64-bit support for Mac OS X added in the mix.

Are you a Verizon FiOS customer in Maryland? Big Red owes you some money

Verizon has agreed to a settlement worth $1.38 million in Maryland. The investigation stemmed from thousands of customer complaints about Verizon's advertising when it first launched FiOS.