Ask Stephen Hawking anything during his first ever reddit AMA

It's been a troubled few months for reddit, but the site is falling back on one of its most popular online events to boost morale: An Ask Me Anything session with physicist Stephen Hawking.

The FCC approves AT&T’s mega-merger with DirecTV, but there’s a catch

In a move that will let AT&T breathe a little easier at night, the FCC gave its approval for the telecom company's merger with DirecTV. However, the FCC gave its approval with certain conditions that AT&T-DirecTV must adhere to.

Immigration is joining the digital age with new plans from the White House

It's taken nearly 300 years, but last week, the Office of Management and Budget announced that the American immigration system is finally joining the 21st century and enjoying all the tech benefits that have come with the times.

Hornet, the high speed anonymous network, lets you have both security and speed

For years, it's been the ultimate trade-off -- would you rather have more privacy, or more speed online? Now, researchers believe that they've found a way to combine the best of both worlds with Hornet.

Target can now scour your Instagram photos to help decorate your dorm, if you want

Does whatever you like on Facebook contribute to your personal sense of style? According to Target, yes. They want to use college students' Facebook and Instagram profiles to determine dorm-room decor.

Twitch pushing Flash out the door in favor of HTML5 in future updates

Twitch has begun the transition from Flash to HTML5 for its game live-streaming service, starting with HTML5 player controls. The underlying player is still Flash, but this is set to change in future updates.
Health & Fitness

Shorten your doctor visit to 90 seconds with Bright.md

The virtual physician's assistant known as Bright.md wants to shorten your time at the doctor's to 90 seconds, and they've just raised $3.5 million to help turn your dream into a reality.

Google brings immersive, 360-degree video ads to YouTube

With virtual reality grabbing all the headlines lately, and YouTube recently rolling out support for 360-degree videos, it was only a matter of time before the Google-owned company found a way of introducing the technology to…

In response to Donald Trump’s abuse of his phone number, Lindsey Graham destroys phone

After Donald Trump, the world's most politically incorrect combover, decided to unceremoniously give out Lindsey Graham's phone number, the South Carolina senator decided to destroy his phone, and show the world how to do it.

Uber wins war against de Blasio — for now

Government officials in New York will not limit how many new drivers Uber can add to its fleet. Mayor de Blasio had proposed to cap Uber's growth.

The FTC frowns down upon Apple’s 30 percent cut of Spotify revenue

The FTC has launched a formal investigation into whether Apple's 30 percent App Store tax is unduly harming third-party music streaming services. The company is facing increased scrutiny in light of its own music service's launch.

New Google Maps feature shows you exactly where you’ve been

If you're a big user of Google Now notifications and love Google Maps, here's something else you're likely to go for – Your Timeline. The new Maps feature, for Android and desktop users, lets you rediscover old journeys and resurface…