Whistleblower Snowden charged with espionage by US authorities

Following the leak this month of highly classified US intelligence information, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has been charged with espionage and theft by federal prosecutors.
Cool Tech

Taiwanese coffee machine lets drinkers print selfies onto lattes

A coffee chain in Taiwan has developed a machine that not only makes coffee but also lets you print a photo of yourself on the foam. Edible brown powder has never looked so amazing.
Social Media

Facebook says security mishap exposed 6 million users’ contact info

Facebook has announced a slightly serious security mishap: A bug in the Download Your Information (DYI) tool may have exposed your personal information.

Can pen and paper survive in a world of touchscreens and tablets?

The recent closing of Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Handwriting Analysis Unit has led us to question the future of handwriting in a digital age. Will technology manage to kill one of the most inherently human methods of communication?

‘Google Mine:’ List all your belongings and share your hoarding habits on Google+

Google Mine is a new Google+ integrated service that should be unveiling soon. This service will allow you to showcase items you already own or items you want to own, with friends and other Google+ users.

Remember that Yahoo email you haven’t checked since Gmail arrived? You might lose it

Has it been a while since you logged into Yahoo! Mail? You may want to consider doing that before July 15 ... otherwise, it'll be considered up for grabs.
Movies & TV

Want to break into movies? Check out the Prototype short film competition

Calling all wannabe movie makers! New Regency Productions has teamed with an online portal to launch a new competition that will allow eight filmmakers the chance of a lifetime: making a funded short that could be developed into a…
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Tips and tricks for using Facebook lists to eliminate News Feed noise

Are you fed up with how incredibly irrelevant your Facebook News Feed is? You can use lists to isolate people you want to hear less from, and here's how.

YouTube to help ad makers make ads

The problem with advertisements on YouTube isn't that they exist, but that they're not taking full advantage of the medium, according to the company's global head of content. YouTube plans to work with advertisers to change that.

Microsoft investigated idea of launching Amazon-like e-commerce site, report says

A report Thursday revealed computer giant Microsoft was until recently researching the possibility of launching an online marketplace to take on the likes of Amazon and eBay. The project has since been shelved.
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Sure, Instagram video is cool, but now you can turn Vines into animated GIFs

Even though it's being overshadowed by Instagram video, Vine still has some tricks up its sleeve - including a new service lets you turn Vines into animated GIFs. Let the fun begin!
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Facebook is now letting you trade your location check-in for free Wi-Fi … in some places

Facebook's free Wi-Fi service is on the up-and-up. All you have to do is share your location, and Facebook will get you online - but the feature is only limited in select locations for now.