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To the moon! Dogecoin fetches 300 percent jump in value in 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin alternative Dogecoin – a meme-based digital currency apparently created as a joke – jumped more than 300 percent in value, rising from $0.00026 on Wednesday morning to $0.00095 per Dogecoin, as of…

Jolla’s smartphone is now available to buy online, but only if you’re in Europe

Jolla has announced its Sailfish OS smartphone is now on sale to customers in Europe, with deliveries expected to take place in the new year, along with news that all pre-orders will be completed by Christmas.

Life-size Lego car hits the road with engine powered by air

An entrepreneur and tech expert have teamed up to create a drivable car made with half a million Lego bricks. The vehicle, which runs on compressed air and had a top speed of 17 mph, hit the road in Australia this week.
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Vine users will get vanity URLs starting on December 20

Ideal for anyone that loves uploading short videos to the Vine service, Twitter will be launching support for Vine vanity URLs starting on Friday for verified users and the following Monday for everyone else.

Target investigating Black Friday data breach of credit card info

Definitely cause for alarm if you have spent any time shopping at a Target store this holiday season, authorities are looking into a massive data breach that occurred at retail Target locations nationwide.

NSA review board proposes 46 changes to US surveillance practices

The White House today released the full report from the presidential NSA review panel, which recommends sweeping changes to the way the spy agency conducts its operations. The question is now: Will they be adopted?

Harvard student used Tor to anonymize bomb threat emails, failed

Harvard student Eldo Kim allegedly used Tor to anonymize emails threatening to blow up four campus buildings, but still got caught due to the way in which he apparently used the IP address-masking network. Read on to learn why.
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Bitcoin crashes to $500 after Chinese crackdown, but Dogecoin is going strong

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, has plummeted from a recent high of more than $1,200 to less than $500. The drop comes after China’s central bank ordered all third-party payment processing companies to halt…

Tourist walks off pier in Australia while checking Facebook on smartphone

You're right, this isn't the first time an incident of this nature has occurred, and it won't be the last, but we thought we'd tell you about it anyway. This latest 'distracted walking' episode involved a tourist, a smartphone, a pier, and…

How to send email to SMS (text)

Need to send an e-mail to someone's phone as a short text? Here's how.
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Have Bitcoin and need a drink? BitBar is the site for you

BitBar, a newly launched site from the good folks at booze-friendly startup Grouper Social Club, allows users to purchase drinks at various bars across the US. Is it practical? Not even close – but it is cool.
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‘What is Bitcoin’ among top US Google searches in 2013

The jumps and plunges in Bitcoin’s price during 2013 has led to a ton of chatter from those of us in the tech press – which, in turn, seems to have resulted in a bunch of Americans wondering what the heck Bitcoin actually is.