Justin.tv shuts down, users asked to switch over to Twitch.tv

Justin.tv is no more as of today. The service has been shut down, and users are being asked to get their streaming fix from Twitch.tv instead.

This 28-inch 4K Acer monitor only costs a handful of Benjamins

Acer just lifted the veil on a new 4K monitor, which is quite affordable compared to what 4K displays cost less than a year ago.

Passenger planes can be hacked using on-board Wi-Fi, security researcher says

A security researcher says that passenger aircraft can be hacked into using the wireless Internet connections and entertainment systems on those planes.

Here’s how to make an iPad with an Etch-A-Sketch and Christmas lights

Making an iPad is as easy as throwing some chocolate cake, acid, an Etch-A-Sketch, and some peanut butter in a pillow case to ferment overnight, says Team Coco in a new DIY video spoof.

Comcast offering ‘up to’ six months of free Internet service for low income families

Low income families can get up to six months of free Internet service on the house from Comcast. There's more though.
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Hotel charges wedding patrons $500 for every bad review posted online

The Union State Guest House, a hotel in Hudson, NY, charged $500 for every negative review wedding guests post online. Likely due to the immense backlash, the venue has since quietly taken down the policy.

Google spots child porn in man’s Gmail account, tips off police

If you have unsavory and/or illegal stuff in your Gmail account, Google just might give the cops a heads up. Recently, the tech giant alerted police to a case of child pornography in a Gmail account.

Potato salad Kickstarter ends with 500,000 percent mark up

Zack Brown's humorous potato salad Kickstarter has closed with a final total of $55,492, way ahead of its $10 goal — find out what he plans to do with the money, besides making potato salad.

#confused? Twitter starts explaining trending hashtags for you

Does the Twitter stream leave you #smh? A select number of iOS users are testing a new feature that explains popular hashtags as Twitter attempts to become more accessible to new converts.

Student files privacy lawsuit against Facebook, gets 2,000+ people to join him

Facebook is under fire for privacy violations in Europe once again. Austrian law student Maximilian Schrems now has thousands of supporters in his class-action lawsuit against the social network.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have fewer desktop users, but Chrome gained some

The desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all saw their user base dip last month. Google Chrome, on the other hand, gained in popularity.
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Quotacle turns all your favorite movie quotes into GIFs

Quotacle puts together hundreds of thousands of quotes from your favorite movies and turns them into GIFs. Quotacle has lines from Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, and more.