YouTube to snap up video game streaming site Twitch for $1 billion

A new rumor report says YouTube is in the final stages of a deal to acquire Twitch, the live streaming video game website, and that it'll be paying $1 billion. It's not final yet though, and other reports say it's not even close to being…

Rubik’s Cube: Google celebrates puzzle’s 40th anniversary with interactive Doodle

If you want to avoid a frustrating start to the week, steer clear of Google's homepage today. To mark the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube, the Web giant is featuring an interactive version of the famous puzzle as its latest Doodle…

Google Maps’ new Elevation feature lets bikers decide how much to punish their thighs

While some cyclists enjoy nothing more than hammering their thighs into oblivion on a two-wheeled outing, others prefer to return home without jelly-like legs. A new 'Elevation' feature for Google Maps now lets bikers decide how much to…

Nikon explains how fluorine coating of new 400mm lens helps protect glass

Nikon has released a short video explaining its new fluorine coating, which is able to repel all types of dirt and moisture from lenses like the new Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 lens.
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Closing the buffet: Comcast may clamp data caps on all users within 5 years

Aiming to roll out data caps for all Comcast subscribers in the coming years, cord cutters that are transitioning to 4K streaming may find out all that extra data usage is going to add up quickly on the monthly bill.

Click to vote: Politicians push for online ballots in time for 2016 elections

Some US politicians are pushing for Internet voting to be in place as soon as 2016, which would be just in time for the next Presidential election. You can learn more here.

Microsoft is rolling out some upgrades for Outlook.com

Over the next few weeks, Outlook.com will be receiving some new features, and they'll start hitting people's accounts today. You can learn more about what tweaks Microsoft has added here.

European court decides that Google must let users censor their own search results

In a landmark ruling, Google and other search engine operators must take down sensitive information about individuals from their Internet search results when requested to do so.

‘CSI: Cyber’ will attempt to portray believable cyber crime scenarios

Attempting to bring greater understanding to the recent increase in cyber crime over the last decade, CBS will be launching CSI: Cyber during the upcoming television season with Patricia Arquette as the lead.
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FCC’s revisions would ban throttling, but leave paid ‘fast lanes’ open

Under growing pressure from a host of major tech firms and net neutrality advocates, the FCC today announced new revisions to its new net neutrality regulations. However, pay-for-priority deals are still alive and well under the new draft.

Report: Google is testing a complete redesign of Web-based Gmail

Specifically designed to offer a uniform layout over multiple types of devices, Google is reported to be working on a new Gmail design that drastically changes the Web-based layout for users.

Hotel owners complain of being held ‘hostage’ by TripAdvisor users

Hoping to resolve the issue with TripAdvisor at some point in the future, hotels and restaurants are being forced into handing over freebies to TripAdvisor users or be faced with a negative online review.