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Twitter kicks troll Charles Johnson to the curb for threatening an activist

On Sunday, Charles Johnson, Twitter troll extraordinaire, was banned from the site, after he advocated for the "taking out" of DeRay McKesson, a well-known civil rights and social justice activist.

Merriam-Webster dictionary embraces “meme,” “emoji,” & other tech words

Your Scrabble game just got a lot more complicated with the addition of 1,700 new words to the Bible of the English language -- the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Included in the latest edition are words like "jeggings," "emoji," and "meme."

Amazon makes Prime even better, offers same-day delivery for free in certain areas

Amazon has added yet another benefit for members of its $99 per year Prime service: same-day delivery is now free for Prime members in 14 metro areas across the U.S for orders of $35 or more.

Google confirms imminent launch of ‘buy’ button, set to increase pressure on Amazon

Google has confirmed it's going to launch a 'buy' button for search ads, saying Wednesday that it's arrival is 'imminent.' The move is likely to upset sites like Amazon as Web shoppers will be able to conduct transactions direct from…

Look out, Twitter – Google and Yahoo are also mulling Flipboard purchase

We heard earlier this week that Twitter is interested in acquiring news-reader app Flipboard. New reports suggest Web giants Google and Yahoo are also in talks with the Palo Alto startup, though details about any possible offers aren't…
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Xiaomi launches online store on June 1 in the U.S. and later in Europe, but it’s sparsely stocked

Xiaomi is taking a tentative step into the U.S. market with the launch Monday of an online store. Shoppers can choose from a small selection of tech accessories but won't yet be able to pick up any of the smartphones.

Facebook Messenger payments go live in NYC, so you can hit your friends up for money

Facebook has announced that its mobile payment system will go live today in New York City. Adding to the existing markets of Austin, Seattle, and Portland. The feature will compete head to head with mobile payment options such as Venmo.

Facebook is in hot water again with the European Union for its privacy settings

Internet.org is the least of Facebook's concerns, as the social media giant faces the wrath of the European Union, which is currently investigating whether Facebook's seedy privacy settings are in violation of code.

Apple’s solar-studded data center in Arizona catches fire

An Apple data center caught fire in Mesa, Arizona. Local firefighters were fighting flames on the roof's solar panels Tuesday morning. The data center was empty at the time, and no one was injured.

This 14-year old was jailed after downloading bomb-making plans to his PlayStation

A youth in Austria used his PlayStation console to store bomb-making information downloaded from the Internet. The 14-year-old boy was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to terrorism charges.
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Google has made its Roboto font open source

Google has made Roboto, the default font on Android and Chrome OS, open source, making available anything and everything necessary to modify the sans-serif font to your heart's content.

Does your grandma print out Facebook photos? She’s not alone

The first thing many people do when they take photos is share them on social media. However, some users go an extra step and print them off of social media and get them processed the old-fashioned way.