Trying to find a roommate who won’t drive you crazy? This startup wants to help

Roommate-matching startup room.me launched today in San Francisco, with the goal of improving roommate pairings by using an algorithm inspired by dating websites. Users are matched based on information they provide about themselves and…
Android Army

Google starts applying artificial intelligence to Gmail spam filters

Google's applying the power of its artificial intelligence to Gmail, the company has announced. It'll use machine learning to sort spam smartly, taking care to respect individual preferences for catalogs and newsletters.
Social Media

WhatsApp for Web now lets you do a whole lot more

WhatsApp has shown some love to the Web version of its messaging software, rolling out a bunch of new features in an unannounced update that comes six months after it launched the desktop client.

Victoria Taylor breaks her silence while reddit moderators explain why they shut down AMA

On Wednesday, Victoria Taylor, the dismissed Reddit employee whose firing prompted a petition for Reddit CEO Ellen Pao's resignation, finally broke her silence, while reddit moderators penned an op-ed for The New York Times.

Investigation reveals U.S. government data breach affected 21.5 million people

An interagency government task force has found that 21.5 million people had their information compromised in a data breach. The Office of Personnel Management updated its website Thursday with the new information.

The FBI hasn’t stopped its quest to get access to encrypted data

FBI director James Comey continued his plea to give his agency access to companies' encrypted data during an open session of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. The director believes encrypted data provides a safe haven for the bad…

Facebook loosens grip – allows users to customize news feeds … within reason 0:44

New controls allow Facebook users to customize the composition of their news feeds. Set to debut on iOS first, they signal a reversal for the social network, which has historically favored behavioral algorithms to recommend…

Sexist search? Google less likely to show women high-paying job ads than men

According to a new study, women are less likely than men to be shown ads for high-paying jobs. “In particular, [they] found that males were shown ads encouraging the seeking of coaching services for high paying jobs more than females.”

Update: Facebook has no plans to develop music streaming service

Contrary to an earlier report, Facebook will not launch a music streaming service. The social media giant does plan on integrating an ad-supported music video platform on the service, though.
Home Theater

Showtime standalone streaming debuts on multiple devices, offers Hulu discount 0:30

CBS's a la carte Showtime service launches on Apple devices, Roku, PlayStation Vue, and on the web today. The service will cost $11 per month, without a cable or satellite subscription, and even offers a discount of $2 per month…

YouTube star PewDiePie said to have made a whopping $7 million in 2014

Ever tried to make some money on YouTube? PewDiePie gave it a go, and now he's raking in millions of dollars annually. The YouTube star, who's scored nearly 10 billion views in five years, has made a living out of recordings of…

Microsoft unveils Groove, a rebrand of Xbox Music set to launch alongside Windows 10

Microsoft has unveiled Groove, a rebrand of the company's Xbox Music service set to launch alongside Windows 10. It'll ship with a new app, but notably without an ad-supported listening tier.