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Facebook identity fraud is up and you need to be careful

A stranger hacking into your Facebook account pretending to be you is inevitable, thanks to the willingness of most users to divulge personal info. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself.
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Why do we Facebook stalk?

It's a question old as time. Or... as old as 2004, when Facebook first appeared. Why do we keeps tabs on our Facebook peers with such intensity? While it's easy to pin this to our relationship insecurities, there are many, many reasons why…
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Netflix lands exclusive streaming rights to Aziz Ansari comedy special

Ideal for Parks and Recreation fans that also subscribe to Netflix Instant, comedian Aziz Ansari has inked a new deal with Netflix for exclusive rights to digitally stream his most recent comedy special.
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Twitter updates conversations format so that you can actually follow them

Twitter's newest update will make your feed perusal a less harrowing experience - instead of jumping between @mentions and replies, Twitter now streamlines everything into a (gasp!) chronological, readable line of conversation. Check out…
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A great day for the Internet: You can now post animated GIFs on Facebook (sort of)

It's a good day: you can now post GIFs on Facebook. We may as well just say goodbye to words and typing ever again. Bye words, bye! We're ready to troll Giphy for our every Facebook response.

A new petition wants to end emoji white-washing

The popular animated emoticon app Emoji is facing charges of racism due to a lack of diversity. A petition to change all that is gaining attention, however.

Brit turns tables on telemarketers by setting up premium rate line

A British man has been cashing in on cold callers for the last two years after setting up a premium rate line for his home. Not surprisingly, Lee Beaumont, who once loathed getting calls from telemarketers, now actively encourages them.

The Internet made me care about Miley Cyrus, and I’m pissed about it

Celebrity gossip, and popular culture in general, just isn't my thing. Or, I should say, wasn't my thing until this week, when Miley Cyru's VMAs performance took over the Web, and changed who I am.

How to make Google your default search engine

Google is a giant when it comes to handling search queries from around the globe, but sometimes setting it as your default search engine takes a little effort. Here is our quick guide on how to set Google as your default search engine no…
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Is Ask.fm the Internet’s Neverland, or just a haven for adolescent bullies?

A teenage recently committed suicide and speculation over the bullying she received on Ask.fm is running rampant. Is the question and answer site at fault, or does the rest of the world just need to start tuning in to the rest of teen Web…

Google+ Hangouts going HD and plugin-free for video chat

Two years after its initial release, Google+ Hangouts is getting HD video support, as well future support for a plugin-free video chatting experience, thanks to a planned switch to the WebRTC standard.
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Facebook keeps gift-giving digital, pulls out physical goods from online store

If you want to get a friend a present via Facebook's Gifts, you will have to get the digital kind since physical goods are no longer on the table. Looks like Facebook's attempt at IRL presents was not a hit.