Hip-hop’s Public Enemy partners with BitTorrent to give power to the people

Hip-hop's Public Enemy has partnered with BitTorrent to offer fans the chance to download not only their new video (and outtakes), but also exclusive elements of their new track for the "low price" of sharing their e-mail addresses.

‘By the way, does anyone know how to stop an asteroid?’ NASA issues ‘Grand Challenge’ to all earthlings

NASA this week announced a "Grand Challenge" aimed at finding and dealing with all asteroid threats to Earth – and it wants YOU to help.
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You can now attach and post images in Facebook comments

The day has finally arrived: You may now upload and post photos as comments to updates on Facebook. Next ... the GIF?

India’s last state-operated telegram service bites the dust

Telegrams are still around with just handful of services left in India as surprising as that may be, but its presence is waning.
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UPDATED: Redditor’s Kickstarter project includes tips on forcing women into physical contact, author issues apology

A Redditor wants to write a book about bagging women and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish it. Here's the kind of advice you'd be getting.
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Rating men on Lulu isn’t atoning for the Web’s chauvinism, it’s just cruel

Lulu has been called the Yelp for men, letting women rate and comment on their exes and flings anonymously for future lovers' benefit. While women have been subject to many ranking schemes and sites, why does the idea that were applying…

Best Firefox Add-ons

Burn through the Web with these handy add-ons for Mozilla's Firefox browser.
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Here’s how to ask the NSA for your records (but don’t hold your breath)

You can't ask the NSA to stop collecting information, but you can ask to see or delete your records. Now whether you'll actually get those mailed to you remains to be seen.
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Apple TV plays catch-up, adds HBO Go and WatchESPN apps

It took a long time, but the Apple TV has finally added both HBO Go and WatchESPN apps to the streaming box’s content lineup, closing the gap as they’ve been available on iOS for some time.

Buzzfeed is getting sued for millions over photo accreditation

Buzzfeed's photo accreditation policy is landing it in hot water as another photographer says he'll sue for millions over the use an image he captured.

Is Airbnb really more affordable than a hotel? See for yourself

PriceEconomics settles the question of what's cheaper - Airbnb or a hotel - with a city by city study proving that Airbnb is in most cases your best bet.

Swedish court okays possible extradition of Pirate Bay founder

One of the co-founders of The Pirate Bay is facing potential extradition to Denmark after a massive hacking scandal that could result in countrywide identity theft. That is, if he isn't jailed for a separate hacking crime in his native…