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Hands on: Turns out, Twitter is no Instagram when it comes to photo filters

Now that Instagram and Twitter have officially parted ways, the microblogging network is doing its very best impression with a new set of filters. But can they even hold a candle to Instagram?


London’s iconic black cabs set to become free Wi-Fi hotspots

London's black cabs are set to offer free Wi-Fi to passengers from early next year. The service will be supported by an ads-for-access model requiring users to watch a short ad prior to connecting.


Google Fiber ‘most consistently fast’ ISP in America, says Netflix

Video streaming service Netflix says that Google Fiber is the most "consistently fast" Internet service provider in America. If only it were available outside Kansas City...


FORA.tv launches to spread the words that change the world

Imagine a Netflix dedicated to teaching people stuff - Well, you actually don't have to; FORA.tv has gotten there before you.


Yahoo Mail is now prettier, faster, and more mobile

Yahoo Mail has a new look, faster speed, and new iOS and Windows 8 apps. Can CEO Marissa Mayer's first big release push Yahoo back to the top of the worldwide email food chain?


State of the Web: A parent’s guide to COPPA, and how kids are being tracked online

The Internet is no place for children, thanks the negative effects that data collection can have on our children for the rest of their lives. Here's what every parent needs to know about how your kids are being tracked, and what the government is trying to do…


Kaptur your memorable events into a digital album with help from your Facebook friends

Kaptur collects photos into albums of memorable moments shared on yours' and your friend's Facebook Timeline, and the app has gained enough popularity it's hit the one million user milestone.


Google60 gives your standard search a slow, yet classy, retro makeover

Mad Men fans take note: If Don Draper had Google, this is what it might've looked like.


Web superstar: Darwin the monkey becomes Internet hit after wandering around Ikea in a winter coat

If monkeys think they can just saunter around an Ikea store dressed in a winter coat and diaper and think there won't be consequences, then perhaps they're not as smart as we thought.

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OK Instagram, you want to play with the big boys? Here’s what you need to fix

Within a week, the social media landscape has been turned on its head thanks to the battle between Twitter and Instagram. So once the dust has settled, what is the user experience going to look like?


Scam: London crook offering shoppers iPhone and Mac computer but giving onions

If you happen to be shopping in London and decide to hand over cash to a man in the street offering you some cut-price Apple products, you'd better be fond of onions. Because that's probably what you'll get.


Why consumers are increasingly willing to trade data for personalization

As our comfort level with the Internet continues to increase, so too has our drive to hand over data in return for personalized experiences.

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Pinterest is the new milk carton, helps local police increase arrests by 57 percent

A police department in Pennsylvania has adopted Pinterest to help catch wanted criminals, leading up to a 57 percent increase in arrests.

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Dating protocols for the digital age

The dating world has changed ever since Google, Facebook, Foursquare, and all these social media services entered the picture.


Yahoo strikes deal with NBC Sports to share event coverage and news

Yahoo and NBC have struck a deal to share some of their existing sports coverage as well as collaborate on the making of original sports-based content.