Achievement unlocked! Pink Floyd back catalogs now available on Spotify

It's taken some time, but Spotify users can finally listen to the entire Pink Floyd (and David Gilmour) back catalogs following a stunt to get one track streamed a million time to unlock the other songs.

Yahoo in advanced talks to acquire social video app Qwiki, report says

Sounds like Marissa Mayer's spending spree isn't over yet, with a report Tuesday suggesting Yahoo is in "advanced stages of discussion" with social video company Qwiki regarding a possible acquisition deal.

Hack Pandora with this arsenal of Chrome extensions

Pandora is a popular and intelligent Internet radio, but it's got a couple of issues . You can work around them through these Google Chrome extensions - and those sweet, sweet tunes will sound even better.

Outlook.com: Microsoft kills off linked accounts, switches to aliases

In a drive to improve security by getting users to operate with just one account, Microsoft has decided to kill off its Hotmail/Outlook.com 'linked accounts' feature which enables users to easily jump between their Web-based email accounts.
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OpenAirplane makes it easy for pilots to rent a small airplane

Designed to simplify the process of renting a small aircraft at a local airport, OpenAirplane cuts through the red tape and gets pilots up in the air quicker with a service that's similar to Zipcar or Airbnb.
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Hands on: Skype evolves into a Snapchat competitor with Video Messages

Feeling the pinch with plenty of competitors in the video messaging space, Skype has joined the game with its own take on video messaging.

Digg Reader coming June 26, just before Google Reader shutters for good on July 1

Good news, RSS feed users: Digg Reader will be ready for migrating all your feeds by June 26, which gives you exactly five days to get used to your new home before Google Reader goes dark.

What we learned from NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s live Q&A

NSA leaker Edward Snowden gives the world more information about U.S. government surveillance, his reasons for fleeing to Hong Kong, and the media's "unfortunate" attention on his online past and his girlfriend's looks.
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‘Tweet’ is now officially a word in the Oxford English Dictionary

The widespread use of the term 'tweet' has caused the British dictionary to expand its definition of the word, despite its 10-year rule. Twitter, you rule-breaker you.

Google developing software and database to help rid Web of child pornography

Google engineers are currently developing new software that will help to rid the Web of child pornography. The database will allow individual agencies and search engines to share information regarding questionable images.

Canada, can you hear me now? Verizon sets its eyes on the north

Reports are coming in that Verizon Communications Inc has started looking into becoming Canada's fourth major wireless communications company. The company might take over one of the country's smaller wireless companies, such as Mobilicity…

Are cable companies breaking the law to keep Internet TV down?

If you've ever wondered why most online television providers are particularly limited with their choice of programming, the answer may have something to do with the traditional cable and satellite providers, who might have reason to be…