Remembering Bunny Yeager, queen of pin-up photographers who popularized the bikini

Bunny Yeager, a pin-up model turned highly influential photographer, passed away at age 85. Yeager gained notoriety for her iconic 1950s shots of Bettie Page, as well as helping to popularize the bikini swimsuit.

Shortly after buying Nest, Google reportedly nixed the competition from search results

Just two weeks after the news broke of Google's acquisition of Nest, competitor company Vivint suddenly disappeared from search results -- and didn't get reinstated for four months. Hit the jump for details

Republicans introduce bill to prevent the FCC from reclassifying ISPs as a utility

A House Republican has introduced a bill that seeks to prohibit the FCC from using its “nuclear option” to reclassify ISPs as a public utility. The legislation aims to strip the FCC of authority in the matter.

Comcast is on our side? ISPs win against porn copyright trolls, civil liberties groups rejoice

Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Cox Communications and Bright House Networks gained a victory on appeal against a studio that sought to obtain the identities of Internet users that allegedly downloaded a pornographic film.

Google launches ‘right to be forgotten’ form for Europe-based Web users

If you're in Europe and a Google search on your name throws up results you consider to be “irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate," you can now ask the Web giant to remove the links to the third-party sites.

Dish Network to accept Bitcoin, becomes largest company to take the currency

Dish Network announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments, starting July 1, 2014. The satellite TV provider, which tapped Coindesk to process transactions, claims to be the biggest company to accept the cryptocurrency.

Stop the buffering: YouTube issues video streaming quality report

YouTube wants you to know how good your Internet provider is at streaming video. The Google Video Quality Report is really a tool that lets you see how the quality of your video streaming compares with that of the Jones next door.

Google admits that it hires too many white guys and not enough women

Google may mostly hire white males, but it does have a few women and ethnic minorities on staff too. Does Google play favorites, or is there another reason for the lack of diversity in tech?

Mobile is everything, BuzzFeed dominates, and other big trends shaping the Internet today

Mobile is taking over the Internet in Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker's annual Internet trends report. As traditional forms of media such as TV, advertising, news, and money go mobile how do they change?

47 percent of American adults were hacked in the last year

A new report shows the extent of cyberattacks launched over the past 12 months. According to research firm Ponemon Institute, 110 million Americans had their personal information compromised over the time period.

Yahoo is launching a YouTube competitor this summer

Yahoo plans to launch its own YouTube competitor this summer. The video-streaming service will offer competitive ad rates and a bigger slice of revenue to video creators, but will it dethrone the king of Internet video?

Court upholds FCC’s plan to fund upgrades for broadband access in rural areas

A court upheld an FCC decision to divert funds originally intended for improving land line access, towards upgrades for broadband service in rural areas. You can learn more about the case here.