Apple begins global roll out of iTunes Radio, starts with Australia

Australia is the first country to get iTunes Radio following its launch in the US last September. Apple rolled out the service there on Tuesday in what could be the start of a rapid global expansion in the coming months.
Cool Tech

Drone deliveries set to start in Dubai

It's got the tallest building in the world and the biggest shopping mall, and now it wants to be the first government to deliver official documents to citizens by drone. The UAE will test the service in Dubai, with a wider roll out expected…

On ‘The Day We Fight Back,’ can we knock the NSA the same way we stomped SOPA?

Can the Internet do to the NSA what it did to the Stop Online Piracy Act? The 'Day We Fight Back' campaign hopes the answer is yes. Unfortunately for us all, it seems more likely to be the opposite.

Google Glass trialled by Virgin Atlantic staff at London’s Heathrow airport

In an effort to add a certain 'cool' factor to its service while improving the check-in procedure for fliers, Virgin Atlantic staff are trying out Google Glass and other wearable tech at London's Heathrow airport.
Home Theater

Chromecast can now directly stream embedded YouTube clips

Definitely ideal for anyone that uses the Google Chromecast dongle on a regular basis, the YouTube development team has added a Cast button within the YouTube player for easy streaming.
Home Theater

Netflix streaming speeds plummet on FiOS despite Verizon denial

Potentially an alarming situation for anyone that subscribes to both Verizon FiOS and Netflix, the average streaming speed for Netflix users has dropped by nearly 20 percent over the last month.

Google+ photo editor boosted with HDR and zoom tools

You may have never used the Google+ Photos editor, even if you're backing up your pictures there, but Google has introduced a couple of new features to make the app more functional for users.

TicketLeap lets you cash in on your shindigs with DIY ticket sales

We trey out and speak to the creators of TicketLeap, a new service that's trying to take online ticketing to the next level with a new mobile-first design and ticketing engine.
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Google’s Olympic doodle posted in protest of Russia’s anti-gay law

Probably one of the first images that Vladimir Putin saw when booting up his computer yesterday, Google switched out the search page doodle to promote diversity in the Winter Olympics.
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Verizon denies throttling Netflix, Amazon speeds in Texas

Definitely something to keep an eye on after the recent net neutrality ruling, Verizon is on the defensive after a software engineer in Texas claimed that his FiOS connection was being throttled.

.com has company! What new top-level domains like .bike mean for you

Thousands of new top-level Internet domains like .bike and .voting are starting to become available. Will they change how we use the Internet, or are they just a fad?

British spies cyberattacked Anonymous hackers, Snowden docs reveal

The UK’s spy agency waged cyberattacks against the online chat rooms of Anonymous and LulzSec hacktivists, documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal. And they used computerized “weapons” similar to those used by the hacktivists…