If your company isn’t outraging users, you must not be keeping up

Is another move invading user privacy even a surprise from Facebook anymore? Sadly not, and our outrage followed by complacence has become just as cyclical.

Cox Communications joins Google Fiber and AT&T in the gigabit Internet rollout race

Cox Communications joins Google and AT&T with its announcement that it will roll out gigabit Internet connections in Phoenix; Las Vegas; and Omaha, Nebraska, before expanding to all its markets by the end of 2016.

Yelp restaurant reviews helping NYC officials to identify outbreaks of food poisoning

Health officials in NY City are using Yelp restaurant reviews to help them locate eateries with dodgy hygiene practices. As many people fail to report incidents of food poisoning to the authorities, the reviews are turning out to be a rich…

Dropp.fm aims to become the first social network for music

NYC startup Dropp.fm wants to become the first social network for music. Founder Parker Lieberman thinks Dropp will be the "record collection for a new generation."

Yelp plans to add new video feature to its reviews

Feel like your written review on Yelp just doesn't properly convey your angst? Now you can properly tell people what you think. The social review site is adding a new video feature to its mobile app.

Meet DarkCoin, the newest cryptocurrency for all your shady transactions

The digital currency, which is being pushed as a more untraceable alternative to bitcoin, is in the midst of a boom, recently passing Dogecoin to become the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency.

How to enable hands free voice search in Google Chrome

Google just enabled hands-free voice search in the full version of its desktop Web browser. Want to give it a whirl? Here, we tell you how to enable the feature.

Google hands free voice search now available in full version of Chrome

Hands-free voice search via Chrome has exited the beta stage, Google has announced. We decided to give it a spin for ourselves. So does it really make searching easier? You can learn more here.

Democrats and Republicans unite to grill FCC chair on net neutrality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was the target of bipartisan condemnation in Congress over his agency’s Net neutrality rules. He was criticized for raising the possibility of an Internet divided between the haves and have-nots.

eBay tells all users to reset passwords after security breach

eBay is telling all of its users to reset their password after discovering a security breach involving a database holding a wide range of personal information, including customers’ names, encrypted passwords, and email addresses.
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Netflix expansion: Service to land in six more European countries this year

Video streaming giant Netflix is continuing its expansion into Europe, announcing on Tuesday plans to roll out its service to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg by the end of this year.

Google+ Stories automatically creates slideshows of your greatest photo, video hits

Google Stories is a new tool that automatically creates personalized slideshows out of your photos and videos. Stories includes maps of places you've visited, and you can share the link with friends and family instantly.