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Twitter wants to work on phones that don’t have data access at all

Twitter is looking to increase its user base in emerging markets after partnering with a Singapore-based start-up to bring its microblogging service to handsets that lack Internet access.

China bans banks from processing Bitcoin transactions

Likely a first step towards some form of regulation of the popular digital currency known as Bitcoin, China has forbid banks from processing transactions that directly involve Bitcoin.

Google now lets you download your calendar data – here’s how

Google is expanding a feature that lets you download your data -- and we're walking you through how to do it.
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Hackers stole 2M Facebook, Twitter, and Google passwords – here’s how to stay safe

Security researchers have uncovered a criminal botnet that has stolen over 2 million passwords from sites like Facebook and Google.

Newsweek: A year after abandoning print, presses to roll once again

With readership numbers and advertising revenue dwindling for most print magazines and newspapers, it's no wonder more and more are becoming online-only publications. Newsweek ended its print edition last year, or at least we thought it…
Home Theater

Netflix announces a release date for ‘House of Cards’ season two

Excellent news for fans of the first season of Netflix's original political drama, the second season of Kevin Spacey's House of Cards will launch on Netflix Instant during February 2014.

Uber and Home Depot team up to deliver Christmas trees on demand

Potentially ideal for anyone that doesn't have time to swing by the tree lot this year, Uber will be delivering large Christmas trees this week, provided by Home Depot, to families in ten U.S. cities.
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Here’s how to find out if your Facebook friends hate you

If you're wondering if your hatred for a Facebook friend is reciprocated, you can use Hate With Friends, an odd social experiment app that could leave you feeling awfully sad.

According to search traffic, these are the hot gifts of the holiday season

Can't figure out what to get anyone on your list this year? Well apparently these are the things they're getting busy Googling.

Hotfile agrees to pay movie studios $80 million in copyright case settlement

Hotfile has agreed to pay US movie studios $80 million in a copyright case settlement, and will terminate its 'cyberlocker' operations unless it "employs copyright filtering technologies that prevent infringement."
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Fan holding up sign on ESPN racks up over $24,000 in Bitcoin donations

Definitely a unique way to score a ton of Bitcoins in a short period of time, an Auburn college student took advantage of a live television broadcast on ESPN to beg for digital donations.

Never explain anything about the Internet ever again with this instructional GIF maker

Sick of explaining how to do things online to your friends and family? Save yourself the potential time, energy, and frustration and let LICEcap do the instructing for you.