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Craigslist strikes again: Pulls listings from search engines to thwart the likes of 3taps, Padmapper, and anyone else who wants its data

In the latest news concerning Craigslist data-mongering ways, the service strikes its listings from being indexed by general search engines.


Path.to hits new jobs markets this month; first up: Seattle and Portland

Path.to is growing its eHarmony for jobs service, starting with Portland and Seattle, and moving on to other new tech markets.

Social Media

Facebook introduces real money gambling games

United Kingdom-based Facebook users can now enjoy a new game that allows them to gamble live cash without going through Facebook's credits system.


People, not passwords: The real lesson from Mat Honan’s iCloud hack nightmare

No computer system is ever safe due to one simple fact: Humans are imperfect.


Olympics-inspired Google Doodle lets you run the hurdle race

Another day, another Doodle. Google's latest homepage offering comes in the form of an Olympics-inspired game where you can run the hurdle race.


Supermarket giant launches virtual grocery store at one of UK’s busiest airports

If you're really stuck for something to do while waiting for a flight, you could always order some essential food items for when you return home. Supermarket giant Tesco has just launched a virtual grocery store at one of the UK's busiest airports where…

Cool Tech

7th Circuit court overturns injunction against social video site

What does and doesn't constitute copyright infringement online in terms of social media remains a complicated question with a 7th Circuit court overturning an injunction against a social video company, pushing the idea that users have to take ultimate…

Social Media

Wikipedia goes dark again – but not on purpose

What brought Wikipedia down today? It wasn't another 24 hour protest, but a simple mistake that severed communication between the online encyclopedia's two data centers.


Faux Batman arrested in wake of Aurora shooting

Thanks to the recent tragedy in Colorado, it's a very bad time to take to the streets as a vigilante crime fighter.

Movies & TV

Book printed with disappearing ink needs you to read before its expiration date

If books started to have expiration dates, would you be more encouraged to finish them at a faster pace? With El Libro Que No Puede Esperar, you'll have just about eight weeks.


This 3.1 billion pixel photo of the Olympics is the ultimate ‘Where’s Waldo’

For those who can't actually be at the Olympics in London this year, photos and videos have sufficed... but never at this level of detail.


We want it eBay Now: Same-day shipping coming to eBay

Same-day shipping through eBay is now available for San Francisco residents with the beta launch of the eBay Now iOS app.


Hackers trick Apple into providing access to an iCloud account, chaos ensues

It has been revealed that criminals socially engineered Apple tech support into handing over an iCloud password, resulting in a high-profile hack.


Tweeting underwater camera posts some cool pool pics from London Games

An underwater camera inside the pool at the Aquatic Centre has been tweeting some cool pool pics from the London Games.


Life after TV: 5 celebrities crossing over from television to the Web

Web TV isn't just for amateurs and aspiring filmmakers. Jerry Seinfeld, Larry King, Ricky Gervais and many more celebrities are trying their hands at making a name for themselves outside of the terrestrial airwaves that granted them fame.

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