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The Senate bill that will keep the cops from pulling a Petraeus on your Gmail account

If there's one bill in Congress that every Web user can get behind, it's Sen. Patrick Leahy's ECPA Amendments Act, which aims to prevent the cops from snooping your email, chat logs, or cloud storage files.


Geneva WorldRadio: An update on a radio-era classic

A classic radio is reborn with twenty-first century technology.

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Google under investigation for tax fraud in Italy

Following France and the UK, Italy has become the latest European country to investigate the potential that Google has defrauded the nation in terms of tax evasion and non-declaration of revenue.


Steam Greenlight now includes non-gaming software

Mirroring Steam as a whole, Valve's ubiquitous software distribution platform now includes non-gaming, productivity software among the list of titles awaiting your approval on Steam Greenlight.


Hands on with Nokia’s HERE Maps … You may want to take a detour

Apple left a hole in the navigation apps market that you could drive a truck through when it decided to leave Google behind and go with a first-party creation. Now Nokia is looking to fill that hole but if it's using it's own HERE Maps app, it may have…


Syria disappears from the Internet, Google responds again with Speak2Tweet

Amid the Syrian civil war, Syria's Internet connection has vanished overnight spurring Google to encourage citizens and journalists to reach out through Twitter using Speak2Tweet.

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The not-boring guide to the United Nations’ non-takeover of the Internet

On Monday, 193 United Nations member states will gather in Dubai to decide the future of the Internet. The details are messy, confusing, and sometimes secret. And nobody knows what's going to happen. Here's a quick-and-dirty guide to filthy chaos that is the…


‘Stupid’ zombie ad taken off daytime TV after viewers complain on firm’s Facebook page

A zombie-themed television ad for a Norwegian sports goods company has been taken off daytime TV after offended viewers took to the firm's Facebook page to complain.

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Apple and Starbucks partner to offer (RED) digital gift card combo

Apple and Starbucks have got together with (RED) to offer consumers a $30 digital gift card combo this holiday season. Five percent of the purchase price will go towards programs helping to fight AIDS in Africa.


Internet Explorer sucks: Microsoft reveals painfully honest IE 10 ad

In its new Internet Explorer 10 ad, Microsoft admits that its browser "sucks." But the company thinks there may be something out there to convince you otherwise.


Report: Redbox Instant launching mid-December, starts at $6-a-month

Likely rolling out soon to take on Netflix and other streaming video services, Redbox Instant's subscription packages may be perfect for you.

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Vevo: We pay musicians more royalties than anyone else

While Pandora is getting angry open letters from musicians complaining that they want to share in the company's wealth, Vevo's founder has announced that his company is en route to share $100 million in royalties with the music industry this year.


Want to raise more money through emails? Be casual and insistent

If you felt as if the Barack Obama campaign was trying to flood your email inbox during the Presidential campaign, then perhaps you'll feel a little better knowing that they did it because math told them it was okay.

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A deeper dive into Bing’s anti-Google Scroogle campaign and the politics of pay-to-play online shopping

As the holiday shopping season begins, it's every man - er, search engine - for itself. Bing has launched an attack on Google's pay-to-play product listings, but is its system any more ethical? We take a closer look.


Chill offers DRM-free video-on-demand from content creators

Chill.com is now offering a new distribution channel for content creators to sell their content, DRM-free.

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