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Netflix to increase prices for new members as Q1 results show profit rise

Netflix on Monday announced it'll soon be raising prices for new members by between one and two dollars a month. The announcement came as the streaming video company announced Q1 figures showing increased profits and a growing user base.
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Online petition requesting the deportation of Justin Bieber fails

Clearly the obvious response to this type of popular, yet implausible petition, the White House decided to stay quiet on the issue of Justin Bieber's immigration status and his ability to stay in the United States.

Microsoft to use Bing search data to predict outcomes of reality shows

Bing will collect search and social data, and attempt to use it to forecast the results of reality TV shows. Learn more here.

Can the government regulate Internet privacy?

As massive data and security breaches become a commonplace, consumers are demanding that government do something. But can the feds do anything meaningful, and what's stopping them?

Heartbleed prompts password resets on HealthCare.gov

The aftershocks of Heartbleed continue to be felt across the Web — government portal HealthCare.gov is resetting all user passwords, though there's been no sign of a data breach on the site.
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Boy who was reported missing only existed on Facebook

In what has been described as a "very modern-day story," police in France have called off a search for a missing boy after it was discovered that he only existed in the form of a Facebook profile.

Changing your passwords isn’t enough to protect yourself from Heartbleed

Changing your passwords is one way to combat the Heartbleed bug, but that's not the only measure you should take.

Blood moon eclipse marks Google’s first weekly search trends report

A rare lunar eclipse, Easter, Passover and a new twist in Game of Thrones dominated the search landscape this week, as Google starts a weekly write-up of the world's most popular queries.

Spotify to shut down its old P2P network to prevent music from eating your bandwidth

According to TorrentFreak, Spotify will soon move away from using P2P networks, and will instead stream music from its own servers. This means less hassle for you if you're worried about bandwidth.

Pandora sued by US music labels over royalties for pre-1972 tracks

Five music labels are suing Pandora, accusing it of failing to pay royalties on music used by its service that was recorded before 1972. The labels describe it as "massive commercial exploitation" while Pandora says it's "confident" in its…
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Police raid home searching for owner of Twitter account mocking mayor

Probably overkill when it comes to identifying the owner of a parody Twitter account, police searched an Illinois home and grabbed all the electronics in order to find out who's been mocking the mayor.

Facebook will soon let you share your exact location with Nearby Friends

Facebook just introduced Nearby Friends, a new feature that would let your friends know whenever you're in their immediate area. Before you protest, be informed that you would have to turn on the feature yourself.