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Textastrophe can turn any Craigslist ad into a hilarious text message repartee

Anything you put on the Internet is essentially public knowledge, so don't blame Textastrophe for making a fool out of you and your want ad on Craigslist.
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One man’s quest to reclaim his data – by selling it to anyone who wants it

We are quickly losing the ability to control what online data is being sold off, so why shouldn't we at least get a slice of the profits? Federico Zannier wants to disrupt the current state of the data brokerage industry by selling off his…
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According to research, young alcoholics love Facebook

Based on a study, if you regularly post photos of your drinking sessions with buddies on Facebook, you're probably an alcoholic.

David Bowie’s new video gets censored by YouTube

David Bowie's new music video gets temporary taken down by YouTube, only to reappear with an age restriction despite a fairly Safe For Work content. What is happening at the YouTube censorship office?

Your email is open to government snooping, if it’s old enough

Documents uncovered from the FBI and U.S. Attorneys Office's claim that authorities do not need a warrant to read your private emails if they've been unopened for six months or more.

Spotify closes Chrome exploit to stop MP3 downloads using Downloadify

Swiftly moving to prevent users from downloading a ton of free music, the music subscription company recently patched the Spotify Web player to kill the functionality of the short-lived Downloadify Chrome extension.

Crosswa.lk lets you download iOS apps from the Web without launching App Store

Crosswa.lk will allow company's to embed a button on their sites, letting people download iOS apps without needing to even have their mobile device present. The API is currently in beta and being tested out by a handful of developers.

Next stop on the Google Fiber train is Grandview, Missouri

Google just announced it will be expanding its gigabit Internet to Grandview, Missouri, after its Board of Aldermen said "Yes" to bringing the fastest Internet speeds in the U.S. to its residents.
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Babblr chat for Tumblr formally launches, and we’ve got the first hands-on look

Babblr, an unofficial Tumblr chat app, live streams its official release party and launches instant chat capabilities to Tumblr users worldwide. Now, chat can come to your very own Tumblrblog!

Rumor: Google Maps ditching the sidebar, getting a new look at Google I/O

Leaked screenshots of the updated Google Maps suggests that the classic sidebar will be giving way to cards and a full-screen map. Google Maps may also integrate with your Google+ network for recommendations.
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Watch out, the FTC says sneaky data brokers may illegally sell your data

Some data brokers are up to no good and the FTC has taken light action by sending them warning letters. While now penalties have been issued, this does mean that some of the outlets out there are doing illegal things with your data. Here's…

Will a spotless inbox really supercharge your productivity?

Inbox Zero forces you to deal with every email immediately in the quest for peace of mind and productivity. But does it work? I put it to use to find out.