Yahoo search share edges up following Firefox deal, but Google still way ahead

Since becoming Firefox's default search engine last month, Yahoo has achieved its highest share of the U.S. search market sonce 2009. It's excellent news for Marissa Mayer's firm, though it still has much to do if it wants to catch Google.

Alcatel OneTouch expands options for U.S. consumers with new online store

Alcatel OneTouch has taken the wraps off a new e-commerce site aimed at U.S. consumers. Featuring a wide range of the company's smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories, the launch follows a similar move in several European countries…

Netflix could be taking a tougher approach to VPN tools

A small number of VPN users have spotted changes in Netflix code that makes it harder to change location in the app — could a full-scale crackdown on these regional unlockers be on the way?

FCC will vote on Net neutrality in February

A huge number of people — including hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens — have weighed in on the Net neutrality issue and it looks like we may get some kind of resolution next month.

Polaroid rebrands, re-launches Blipfoto one-photo-a-day social network

Polaroid has partnered with online photo sharing site Blipfoto to rebrand and re-launch the social network. Blipfoto lets users upload only one photo a day, but that photo is meant to capture a significant moment.

Microsoft may replace Internet Explorer with lightweight ‘Spartan’ in Windows 10

Microsoft is rumored to equip Windows 10 with two web browsers. Internet Explorer 11 will stay on, and get Spartan as a "lightweight" alternative.

What’s the worst performing currency of 2014? It’s Bitcoin

As 2014 draws to a close, the value of Bitcoin caps off quite the downward slide. The digital cryptocurrency has lost significant value over the last twelve months with no signs of stopping.

Lizard Squad loses its anonymity to computer security journalist Brian Krebs

The infamous and anonymous group called Lizard Squad, best known for bringing the PSN and Xbox Live networks down on multiple occasions, has been unmasked by well-known computer security journalist Brian Krebs.
Movies & TV

The Interview generates more than $15 million in online sales

Sony Pictures reports that the limited theater and online release for The Interview generated more than $15 million in revenue for the controversial film.

North Korea blames U.S. for its Internet woes

North Korea has suffered another major bout of Internet downtime, going on record to blame the United States government for the issues as the fallout from the Sony hack continues to rumble on.

US Internet launches ‘world’s fastest broadband’ for $399 a month

Minneapolis ISP US Internet has beaten Google and Verizon to the punch by offering a 10 Gbps connection speed to local residents and businesses, as long as they don't mind the cost.

Spruce it up: How to change your Gmail Inbox theme

Want to jazz up your favorite online email client? Check out our guide on how change your Gmail inbox theme, endowing your messages with rolling shots of the country or one of many user-submitted photos.