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State of the Web: Why Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia won’t ruin the Internet … yet

Even in a worst-case scenario, whatever happens at the UN's ITU conference this week will have little effect on Web users in the United States (at least in the short run). It's the rest of the world that needs to worry.


Apple’s iTunes music store opens for business in 56 more countries

Apple has brought its iTunes music store to 56 more countries, including Russia, Turkey, India, Indonesia and South Africa.


Teenager brags about bank robbery on YouTube before getting arrested

Definitely moving beyond simply posting about criminal actions on Facebook, a Nebraska teen told the world about her bank robbing adventure using YouTube.


Logo founder launches LGBT-themed YouTube channel

Where do you go after creating Viacom's successful LGBT channel Logo? Doing the same thing for YouTube, apparently; Matt Farber is launching "Gwist" next year.


UK ISPs block (legal) filesharing site The Promo Bay

A legitimate filesharing spin-off from the Pirate Bay has found itself blocked by British Internet Service Providers - But is it intentional censorship, or an accident that the ISPs aren't even aware of?


Dropbox chooses Dublin for first overseas office

For a company that has over 100 million users across every continent, it's pretty remarkable that it operates out of just a single office. However, things are about to change for Dropbox, with the announcement that it'll soon be opening another office, this…


UK’s Cyber Monday expected to break all records

Brits are expected to spend a record amount shopping online on Monday, with e-commerce giants such as Amazon taking on thousands of seasonal workers to cope with the increased demand.


Safeguard your email: tips for making your account more secure

Keep business transactions and personal messages as safe as possible with these tips to defend your email account against any malicious interference.


Terms & Conditions: SugarSync’s terms are simple syrup sweet

Cloud storage service SugarSync has given Dropbox a run for its money with its recent redesign. Fortunately for users, its terms of service and privacy policy look equally as good.


On the grid: How the future of software is square

The square is the current darling of the design community, with Microsoft as its biggest supporter. But once you start to look for them, you realize many others are embracing the square too. It's not too hard to figure out, you see them everyday.


The Senate bill that will keep the cops from pulling a Petraeus on your Gmail account

If there's one bill in Congress that every Web user can get behind, it's Sen. Patrick Leahy's ECPA Amendments Act, which aims to prevent the cops from snooping your email, chat logs, or cloud storage files.


Geneva WorldRadio: An update on a radio-era classic

A classic radio is reborn with twenty-first century technology.

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Google under investigation for tax fraud in Italy

Following France and the UK, Italy has become the latest European country to investigate the potential that Google has defrauded the nation in terms of tax evasion and non-declaration of revenue.


Steam Greenlight now includes non-gaming software

Mirroring Steam as a whole, Valve's ubiquitous software distribution platform now includes non-gaming, productivity software among the list of titles awaiting your approval on Steam Greenlight.


Hands on with Nokia’s HERE Maps … You may want to take a detour

Apple left a hole in the navigation apps market that you could drive a truck through when it decided to leave Google behind and go with a first-party creation. Now Nokia is looking to fill that hole but if it's using it's own HERE Maps app, it may have…