Someone remade the battle of Helm's Deep in Fallout 4

YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian made the ultimate Fallout 4 battle video; a cinematic re-enactment of the battle of Helm's Deep from the Lord of the Rings.

The leading men of video games would be just as gross as any other bro on Tinder

The latest entry in gaming humor web channel The Warp Zone's "if video games had" series envisions the terrifying world of inter-game Tinder dating.

Apple shifts its focus to education and acquires LearnSprout

Apple previewed iOS 9.3 and showcased a big focus on education, and the company's latest acquisition of LearnSprout helps cement its place in schools. LearnSprout has software in more than 2,500 schools throughout the country.

Chrome will soon mark unencrypted sites with a big, red X

Google is pushing encryption to every corner of the Web by labeling sites without any encryption as unsecure in Chrome, in the same way it marks sites with broken or insufficient encryption.

The Java browser plugin will die later this year

The Java browser plugin, which allows certain applications to run in your browser, is being retired later this year. It is a common security vulnerability, and major browsers were taking steps to block it.

Meet Starry, the new startup from Aereo’s founder aimed at revolutionizing the Internet

Starry, a new company from Aereo founder Chet Kanojia, is promising to redefine broadband with a home Internet service that's competitive with cable and fiber companies. It launches this summer in Boston.
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Facebook announces record 2015 profits, driven by increases in mobile

Facebook announced record earnings for Q4 2015 and the full year, exceeding expectations. The company attributes the positive results to increases in mobile users and mobile advertising.

A rising tide raises all ships: Verizon drops slowest 25Mbps FiOS option

Verizon is chopping off the lowest tier plan on its FiOS fiber optic service. Is this a case of giving the people what they want, or a political move to push broadband speeds up across the board?

Google's iOS Chrome app is finally on par with Safari

Chrome users on iPhones and iPads can finally rejoice, as Google has updated the popular browser. Not only is it much faster, its crash rate has been reduced by 70 percent. The Chrome IOS app update comes right after a big Safari crash on…

The east coast blizzard caused an epic malware storm, according to Enigma Software

Storm Jonas kept millions of people indoors last week, and that apparently resulted in a few more clicks on infected links than normal. A report has found malware infection rates rose as much as 88 percent.

SoundCloud’s top charts help you discover hottest tracks, podcasts

SoundCloud has launched a number of new music and audio charts on its streaming service. Sorted by play count, the charts cover a range of music genres and make it easier to discover the most popular tracks and podcasts in one place.