Tinder for moms? Peanut app helps get gang together for friendship, playdates

Facebook and Twitter aren't a great way for moms to chat, but Peanut, a new social network for iOS, is tailor-made for just that purpose. It's launching in the U.S. and U.K. in February ahead of a global rollout.

A weird YouTube glitch has been causing alarm among popular vloggers

A weird YouTube glitch on Wednesday saw subscriber numbers for some of the site's popular channels slashed by hundreds of thousands. The video streaming giant admitted there was an error, and said it was trying to sort a fix.

Dating sites gave this startup a neat idea for its apartment-share service

An online service helping room hunters find a place to live has drawn inspiration from dating sites to help offer reliable matches. Claiming to be the only service of its kind in the U.K., Ideal Flatmate uses algorithms to bring together…

Want mood music that matches the weather? Try Climatune from Spotify

Spotify is upping its game with a new partnership with AccuWeather. Meet Climatune, a new project that understands just how much your mood and your music tastes are affected by the weather.

Ad board: Comcast can no longer claim to have “fastest internet in America”

As per a recent ruling from the National Advertising Review Board, Comcast can no longer purport to deliver "the fastest internet in America" or the "fastest in-home WiFi" because the company does not have sufficient evidence

Finding an unrestricted image to use is simpler with new Creative Commons search

Creative Commons images are free to use but sometimes hard to find. The non-profit Creative Commons is working to change that with a new advanced search with filters, favorites, and more.

Exotic Perana Z-one Zagato limited production sports car for sale on eBay

Only ten Perana Z-one Zagato concepts were ever made. Custom bodywork surrounds a Corvette structure and a 440-hp Camaro LS3 motor. This 2012 exotic has less than 3,000 miles on it and is available to buy on eBay now.

Vivaldi browser will become much more share-happy with version 1.7 update

Vivaldi is an alternative browser to the big three or four options and offers some exciting features. In its latest 1.7 update, it added the ability to screenshot entire web pages with annotations and even mute tabs that are producing…

Opera Software's latest browser predicts and loads websites users want to visit

The latest version of the Opera web browser packs predictive technology that loads a web page before the user finishes typing its address. The new browser also includes a new compiler technique that enables Opera to perform tasks faster.

Alexa Voice Service goes overseas, now available in the U.K. and Germany

Alexa is getting multilingual. On Tuesday, the online retail giant responsible for the popular AI assistant announced that the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) has now become available for developers in both the U.K. and Germany.

Nearly 30 percent of all web traffic is sent by malicious bots

Bot traffic now accounts for more than all of the humans in the world combined, despite all of the cat videos we send one another. A more worrying statistic however, is that more than half of those bots are considered malicious.

Send money without ever leaving your chat with PayPal’s new Slack bot

We don't want to leave our couch to order pizza, or ditch our messaging platforms to pay for things either. PayPal understands, and has made it possible for users to send money between accounts via team messaging app Slack.