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Xbox 360 game trailers

Recent Xbox 360 game trailers

The official Assassin’s Creed 3 launch trailer 2:23

With just a few more hours until the game is officially released here in the US, Ubisoft has dropped the launch trailer for AC3 on us.

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NHL 13: The Ghost of Stanley’s Cup 0:57

Check out this ghastly new trailer for NHL 2013

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Is waiting for the new NFS *driving* you crazy? Here’s a trailer to tide you over 1:47

With just four days left until launch, Criterion has released this fresh new trailer for NFS Most Wanted.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter is here! 2:25

Check out this stunning cinematic launch trailer for the much-anticipated game Medal of Honor: Warfighter

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Choose your own cutscenes in this new interactive trailer for AC3 0:44

Ubisoft invites you to choose your own bloody adventure in this trailer for the awesome interactive trailer on their website. Sound confusing? Read on to figure out what we're talking about.

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BioShock Infinite trailer sets the bar high and shows off massive floating cities 1:37

Check out this awesome trailer for the much-anticipated game BioShock Infinite

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Porsche and police cruiser square off in live-action NFS: Most Wanted trailer 1:59

Check out this Western-inspired live-action trailer for Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

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Compound the colonial carnage with AC3’s multiplayer mode 3:12

Check out this trailer highlighting the full-featured multiplayer mode coming to AC3.

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007 Legends launches 1:36

007 Legends goes on sale today, and to celebrate the launch, Activision has released this sweet new cinematic trailer.

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Meet Gaige: the sweetest little murderer in Pandora 3:13

take a look at the new Mechromancer class for Borderlands 2

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Deadpool crashes ComicCon, hilarity ensues 2:21

Who has two guns, and is getting a video game next year? This guy!

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Join the international pwners club: CoD Elite shows its plans for Blakc Ops II 2:42

Call of Duty: Elite, the online service where you can check your lifetime CoD stats, is rolling now new features for Black Ops 2.

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Finally, an assassination montage! 1:32

Axes and muskets and rope darts, oh my!

PC game trailers

Mas rapido! The new trailer for NFS: Most Wanted is here 3:25

Check out this new trailer from Criterion that highlights a few of the multiplayer aspects of NFS: Most Wanted.

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Get your groove on with Just Dance 4 0:33

The fourth installment of the most popular dan... holy jiggling man boobs!

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