Check these 3 features to find a fair phone plan

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From long-term contracts to fine print and more than enough double talk, finding a reasonably-priced wireless phone plan can go from daunting to downright exhausting pretty quickly. It can also seem like the more research you do, the more most of the plans on the market today seem like just different versions of the same thing. Many brands try to out-talk themselves on features that ultimately don’t matter that much, or promise you the moon and then surprise you with service charges and surprise fees when the monthly bills arrive. So while it may seem like you’re stuck no matter what you choose, there are still some great, straightforward choices out there, and you may even find you can expect more from a wireless

phone plan. Look through our top feature picks to guide your search, and you’ll be prepared to make a choice that feels good for you, your peace of mind, and your bank account.

1. Customer Care:
Lots of wireless phone companies like to say they’re focused on providing customers with a great experience, but often once you’ve signed the contract, you’ll find out it’s another story entirely. Ever waited on hold for what seems like ever? Or suffered through what might actually be an endless list of automated response menus when you call up customer service? There’s a reason for that, and it’s usually because they don’t have the time or resources to help you solve your problems or answer your questions in a timely fashion. So if you’re tired of the usual wireless phone run around, narrowing down the search to a provider with a customer-first mentality will go a long way to secure long-term satisfaction with your choice.

2. Affordability:
It seems like the prices for basic wireless phones are skyrocketing, even as the technology to provide better-quality coverage is improving. So if you’re looking an affordably-priced plan to fit almost any budget, you should be able to find one. With Unlimited plans starting as low as $30 a month for four lines, U.S. Cellular offers straightforward contracts with no hidden fees or overage charges – so you can get going quickly and easily without spending a fortune. Because you shouldn’t have to sign over your whole life, or even your credit history, just to get reliable wireless phone coverage.

3. Bill Transparency:
Heard one thing at the wireless company, felt pretty good about it, only to be unpleasantly surprised when the bill shows up? What’s this service fee? Didn’t know you’d be charged for that? If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s one of the primary reasons we’re committed to straightforward billing and upfront pricing. We’re tired of seeing unexplained surcharges that mysteriously show up on bills, fees that weren’t disclosed when you signed up, and other pretty un-fun surprises that can so often show up on your statement. With U.S. Cellular’s no hidden fees, you’ll see everything you need right away in easy to understand verbiage. It’s also why you’ll get our 15-day guarantee to make sure everything is working the way you need it to, or your money back, no hassle.

This is a special advertising section. The content herein contains the views and opinions expressed by the advertiser.