5 tech products to ace adulting 101

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Modern adult life has never been more complex, and the expectations to be connected — and competent —through it all have never been higher. As new technology emerges, so do new opportunities, and new complications as old tech is replaced and often outpaced. So how are we supposed to stay current, and sane, at the pace of new tech? U.S. Cellular has some ideas to help you manage the growing list of demands for a more seamless, connected life in the digital landscape of adulthood.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note10:
U.S. Cellular knows adulting can be a moving target, so you need a device that keeps up and comes through when you need it. The new Samsung Galaxy Note10 comes standard with features and apps to help you stay one step ahead with a revolutionary combination of fast-charging, long-lasting battery and powerful, workhorse-level processing. Along with ultra-quick charging and added battery efficiency, intuitive smart gestures make it easy to do more, faster. Features like pro lenses and handwriting-to-text conversion let you create high-quality content that’s easy to use, exactly how you want. So while you may not anticipate everything adulthood can throw at you in a day, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 makes it simpler — and more fun — to get the most out of it while crushing your grown up responsibilities.

2. Phone & Device Protection:
We’ve all been there — staring down at the cracked phone on the sidewalk, hearts in our shoes. Or maybe we forgot our device was in our pocket when we dove in the pool at that barbecue, whatever the ‘oops,’ wouldn’t it be nice to know it’s taken care of? Comprehensive phone and device protection mean those inevitable slip ups don’t have to break the budget, or even slow you down too much. For most of us, our phones are worth more than their sticker price these days — storing memorable photos, important reminders, passwords, and often so much of our lives, it’s an easy adulting win to make sure you’re covered when something goes wrong.

3. Google Chromecast:
Transform your TV into an ultra-flexible, one-stop home entertainment platform that does more than ever before with Chromecast. Switch from streaming your favorite music to watching ultra high-quality movies with automatically-optimized, exceptional picture quality without leaving your spot on the couch. Change the song, up the volume, and more with its easy-to-use device and intuitive voice controls*. Its portable, easy-to-use design means you can take content from device to TV screen, quickly and easily without sacrificing quality for powerful, portable entertainment that can be controlled from your phone.

4. Google Nest Hub:
A connected home simplifies everything — from groceries to schedules, entertainment, and more, smart digital assistants like the Google Nest Hub can bridge the gap between all those things you think about doing, and actually getting them done. U.S. Cellular knows every advantage counts when it comes to up-leveling your adulting, and the Nest Hub is here to help you do just that. Access the latest headlines, stock reports, weather forecast, calendar appointments, and more, all hands-free. With easy-to-use, smart voice recognition technology, you’re always in earshot of the latest entertainment, and you will have the ability to control all your smart home devices in one place to keep you in lockstep with life, no matter how quickly it moves.

5. Customized Cell Phone Data Plan:
Part of truly savvy adulting requires budgeting. And paying unexpected and unpredictable costs, like data overages, is a quick way to blow your budget. Depending on the month, and how much extra data you may have used, that dent to your budget could be significant. When you have a plan with a set rate every month, your budget stays in tact, so you can stay in control. With affordable data plans that let you use unlimited data for as little as $30 each month with 4 lines, your days of overpaying for data or scrimping your video streaming just to avoid those charges are behind you. It’s a difference your bank account, and your savings goals, will thank you for.

While adulting may not be getting simpler, products like these from U.S. Cellular can help ease the growing pains and set you up for success. To learn more about our products and services, go to www.uscellular.com.

*Google Home, Chromecast, and compatible content required to use voice activation.

This is a special advertising section. The content herein contains the views and opinions expressed by the advertiser.