Qualcomm Tells All: 5G Myth vs. Reality

Qualcomm Tells All: 5G Myth vs. Reality

The buzz has been building around 5G for a while now, but what is the reality of this much-anticipated technology? In a discussion with Qualcomm Technologies’ SVP & GM Durga Malladi, Digital Trends breaks down the myths of 5G.

While it takes off first in North America, 5G will be a reality for users across many regions worldwide in 2019 –including Europe and China— as new networks launch and flagship 5G phones become available throughout the year.

In 2019, 5G’s extremely high average data rates and quick responsiveness are designed to give smartphone users multi-gigabit speeds for games and movies and better connectivity to cloud services. 5G’s capacity also is intended to make it easier for operators to expand and switch to improved unlimited plans, which could drop costs for its customers. Innovators and many industries can seize the opportunity to come up with new 5G devices that were unthinkable before Qualcomm’s breakthrough technology made it possible – on things like laptops, internet access points and manufacturing equipment.

Offering an example, Malladi suggested our platform might start by revolutionizing the automobile industry, where 5G could not only connect your car to the network, but also to streetlights, stop signs, and even to other cars. And these types of advancements can start as early as this year. To paraphrase Malladi: 5G is ready for primetime.

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