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Stop those beard hairs before they reach the sink

Whether you're using an electric razor, a handheld razor, or a just a knife -- if you roll that way -- cleanup is a struggle. Beard hairs have the tendency to fling themselves wildly across bathroom surfaces. This excess hair can clog drains, create huge messes, and even ruin relationships if you aren't careful. With […]
Beard Bib

Whiten your teeth with this smartphone accessory

Have you ever been idly browsing the internet on your phone and thought: should I be whitening my teeth right now? Probably not, but with this teeth whitening kit, you can make it a reality! This White Teeth Global mobile accessory comes with whitening gel, remineralization gel, and a teeth whitening LED light that you […]
smartphone teeth whitening accessory close up smile

16 RFID Blocking Sleeves

Are you fully protected from identity theft? These RFID blocking sleeves are perfect for providing that peace of mind when it comes to your credit cards, passports, and ID's. Just sheath your cards, place them in your wallet, and rest easy knowing your information is better protected.