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Beard Bib

Stop those beard hairs before they reach the sink

Whether you're using an electric razor, a handheld razor, or a just a knife -- if you roll that way -- cleanup is a struggle. Beard hairs have the tendency to fling themselves wildly across bathroom surfaces. This excess hair can clog drains, create huge messes, and even ruin relationships if you aren't careful. With a beard bib, all of these problems can be solved. Just attach it to the mirror and yourself to take full advantage of it's glorious capabilities. You can pick up your own beard bib for just $12 on Amazon.

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smartphone teeth whitening accessory close up smile

Whiten your teeth with this smartphone accessory

Have you ever been idly browsing the internet on your phone and thought: should I be whitening my teeth right now? Probably not, but with this teeth whitening kit, you can make it a reality! This White Teeth Global mobile accessory comes with whitening gel, remineralization gel, and a teeth whitening LED light that you can plug directly into your smartphone. You can pick one up for yourself on Amazon for just $24.

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tech shouldnt leave home without regalighter

Tech you shouldn’t leave home without

Electronics are getting smaller and smaller, and we all seem to have our own special portable tech gadgets that we never leave home without. You probably already have a smartphone with you just about everywhere you go, but if you’re in the market for some new portable tech, we’ve rounded up a handful of great palm-sized devices. Below are eight of our favorite portable tech deals going right now, from a pair of wireless headphones to a new smartwatch. Even better: All of these gadgets are currently on sale on Amazon at deep discounts of up to 81 percent off.
tekjoy fda approved deep kneading massager shiatsu

Tekjoy FDA Approved Deep Kneading Massager

Muscle Discomfort is a Problem of the Past! Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses deep-kneading pressure to accelerate muscle recovery, soothe pain, improve circulation and even enhance sleep quality. Unfortunately, most professional massages cost a fortune, but who says you can’t get relief at home?
  • GIVES INDIVIDUALIZED BODY MASSAGES - Create the massages your body needs with four simple controls that adjust eight kneading heads, heat, three speeds, and alternate directions to deliver 12 different modes to unwind.
  • CONTOURS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS - Enjoy a full body massage, from shoulders to feet, neck, back, and legs with our adjustable design that reaches all your tense spots.
  • DELIVERS DEEP MUSCLE RELIEF - Combine heat with the full benefit of a Shiatsu massage, known for deep kneading muscles, to alleviate tightness and promote long-term stress relief.
  • GUARANTEES LASTING QUALITY - Made of leatherette and mesh, our massager is easy to clean. And with 30 days to return and 18 month warranty, feel secure knowing you're making a risk-free purchase.
  • MASSAGE AT YOUR CONVENIENCE - With a home 10 ft. extra length AC and car adapter, you can plug in, sit back, and loosen up anywhere!
anker powercore 10050 portable charger w code dtdeals1 power 1

Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Portable Charger w/ code: DTDEALS1

An amalgamation of advanced charging technology and premium materials. Aluminum-alloy casing holds components that are capable of providing the fastest possible charging speed, to any device.
  • With offer code: DTDEALS1
  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 20 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Charge Faster: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 combines with Anker's proprietary PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to deliver the fastest possible charge to almost any USB device.
  • High Capacity: Charges the iPhone 7 almost four times, the Galaxy S6 more than twice or the iPad Air 2 once. Recharges in under 4 hours with Quick Charge input.
  • Premium Design: Robust and durable aluminum-alloy encases PowerCore+'s high-grade components and circuitry.
  • What You Get: Anker PowerCore+ 10050 with Quick Charge 3.0 portable charger, Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.
bring wi fi car syncup drive t mobile

Bring wi-fi to your car with SyncUp Drive!


Stay connected.

Turn your car into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and connect up to five devices, so your family can stream, call, and text on the go.
  • The OBD (On Board Diagnostic) reader Diagnoses vehicle issues using the same technology as a mechanic, and fits into the OBD-II port found under the dashboard of most cars.
  • The Motion app Syncs with the OBD reader, so you can access maintenance information, monitor your car’s location, and more—straight from your phone.
birdie make action camera fly dtdeals

Birdie: make your action camera fly

Birdie is an aerodynamic accessory for action cams like the GoPro. Launch it into the air while your camera takes continuous photos or videos on the way up to maximum altitude, and on the way back down. You now have access to aerial photography like never-before! Birdie feels like a game of catch! The resulting photos are candid, capturing authentic in-the-moment expressions. Are you ready to make it fly?
  • Take your photos and videos to new heights. Just attach your GoPro to Birdie, and toss it up to get amazing shots from a new perspective.
  • A great partner for your daily rides and day trips. It's light and disassembles so it's easy to carry with you. No batteries or charging required.
  • Floats, so you can play safely with it at the pool or at the beach.
  • Simple and fun, there are always surprises when you take photos or videos from the sky.
  • Supports GoPro HERO 3+ , 4 and 5
1voice weekender garment bag w built 10000mah battery dtshop

Weekender garment bag w/ built-in 10000mAh battery


This Jack-of-All-Trades Bag Even Has a 10,000mAh Battery Built In

It's one bag to rule them all! The 1Voice Weekender Garment Bag is at once a spacious bag for your clothes, a weekender duffel, and a 10,000mAh lithium-polymer charger for your phone or other devices. Gunning for a quick getaway? This bag is the answer.
  • Battery packs enough power to charge a standard smartphone 3-6 times
  • Adjustable removable strap makes it easy to find the right fit
  • Deep pockets give you tons of space for all parts of your wardrobe
mileagea gm60 mini hd led multimedia projector amazon

Mileagea GM60 Mini HD LED Multimedia Projector

Turn any room into a home cinema experience with the [affiliate-link affiliate_name="Amazon" affiliate_url=" " ]Mileagea LED projector[/affiliate-link]!
  • Native Resolution: 800*480; Brightness:100 Lumens; Contrast: 1000:1; Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
  • Image size:30-120 Inches, Recommended Projection distance:3.5-8.5 feet—with keystone correction, adjust picture to trapezoidal distortion
  • Multi-function input USB/AV/SD/HDMI/Micro USB, 50W
  • Ideal for home theater movies and video game use
  • Includes a Power Bank-USB-(5V-OUT) for charging other devices
  • 20,000 hour LED lamp life
*Not recommended for use in a large conferences/presentations, classrooms with bright lights, or for use during the daytime
singlecue gesture control home devices amazon

Singlecue Gesture Control Home Devices

Meet singlecue, the device that lets you control your existing home devices with a simple wave of your finger. Simply plug singlecue to the power, connect your home devices wirelessly with the mobile app, and enjoy home control at your finger tip.
  • Singlecue works with 100,000+ home devices including TVs, cable boxes, home theaters, amplifiers, Apple TV, Roku, Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest thermostat and more
  • New functions and features are automatically delivered with software updates
  • During evening and night time, singlecue requires some lights to be on while watching TV in order to detect your gestures
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razer kraken usb gaming headset dtshop

Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset


An Advanced 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Engine & Personal Audio Calibration will Put Your Game Over the Top

Looking to gain a competitive edge in your gaming? Look no further than the Razer Kraken, an immersive, virtual surround sound experience that is fully customizable to your needs. Gotta lead a team? The unidirectional analog microphone leaves no room for miscommunication, allowing you to relay commands as if you were standing right there.
  • Enjoy a 360⁰ soundscape w/ Razer's sophisticated virtual surround sound engine via Synapse
  • Customize specific profiles for each game to fit the right sound to your ears w/ personalized audio calibration
  • Conduct team operations & VOIP calls in absolute clarity w/ the anti-noise microphone
  • Immerse yourself in sound w/ the 32mm drivers
  • Wear comfortably for hours thanks to field-testing by countless eSports athletes
adonit jot touch w pixelpoint stylus dtshop

Adonit Jot Touch w pixelpoint stylus


The World's First Adobe Creative Cloud-Integrated Stylus Also Has 2,048 Glorious Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

When it comes to tablets, a finger can only do so much. That's why there's the Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint Stylus. The Jot Touch uses its fine point, pressure sensitive to let you work precisely on any iPad task. The first stylus connected to the Adobe Creative Cloud, this is an especially perfect fit for artists, designers, writers, or any creative who needs to access their portfolio quickly, and work with it efficiently.
  • Create strokes as thick or thin as you want w/ 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Draw w/ an exceptional accuracy w/ a smart Pixelpoint tip
  • Program the buttons for quick shortcuts for your most-used functions like erase & undo
  • Pull files from the cloud, copy & paste between devices, & make custom color profiles w/ Adobe Color
  • Rest your hand comfortably on the screen w/o making marks thanks to palm rejection
flameless usb travel lighter dtdeals

Flameless USB Travel Lighter


Light Up Anywhere with this TSA-Approved, Windproof, Gas-free Lighter

It turns out there’s a way to actually make fire work better. This gas-less, flameless lighter can ignite anything you need without that whole pesky elemental process. It juices up with a super convenient slide-out USB charger to give you up to 50 uses at a time. Because it’s flight-approved, you can travel anywhere around the earth, no matter how windy it gets, because it’s both windproof and eco friendly. Now that’s a gas.
  • Flameless light without gas
  • USB charger
  • TSA-approved
  • 15-second auto-safety shut off
  • Charging indicator lets you know when it’s ready
  • Windproof so it won’t blow out on you
  • Sleek brushed metal casing
  • Up to 50 uses per charge
Also available in black!
save 25 on nut mini tracker dtdeals key

Nut Mini Tracker


Lost Keys Driving You Nuts? This Nut Tracks All Your Valuables for You

Attach the Nut mini to any item you want to keep tabs on—your wallet, keys, and more. You’ll track where your item is with the smartphone app, and receive alerts when you leave it behind. Best of all, your Nut mini also notifies you when you leave your phone behind, ensuring you’ll never be scrambling over a misplaced valuable ever again.
  • Easily track down lost items
  • Prevent items from being lost in the first place
  • Get alerts when your phone or other items are left behind
  • Share appeals for help finding lost items on WeChat
  • Carry around w/ light & portable design
  • Benefit from ultra-low power consumption
Also available in a 2-pack.
hand pen stylus dtdeals

Hand Pen Stylus


15A Top-Rated, Ultra-Precise Touch-Screen Stylus w/ a Retractable & Replaceable Tip

The Hand Stylus is masterfully designed to provide maximum precision while operating your touch-screen devices. Its optimized, slim 4mm rubber tip is perfect for taking notes, drawing, typing, playing games, and more—plus, it conveniently retracts when not in use. “No stylus exhibits more thought than the Hand Stylus… Nicely weighted, great-feeling barrel; retractable nib—the smallest, sharpest one in the business…” David Pogue, The New York Times
  • Includes the world’s smallest conductive-silicone 4 mm rubber tip
  • Wear the tip down evenly w/ auto-rotating functionality
  • Easily select items on small screens
  • Create digital drawings w/ the physical sensation of using a real pen
  • Collect accurate signatures for purchases— great for merchants!
  • Eliminate fingerprints on your touch screens
  • Easily replace the tip when needed
car plug in air purifier dtdeals

Car Plug-In Air Purifier

So Fresh and So Clean—Your Car, That Is, with this Gadget An air purifier that will leave you breathing easy in your auto From trucks rolling by to your pet’s scent au natural, there are plenty of smells and allergens in your car to get rid of. This Car Plug-In Air Purifier will make driving in like a breath of fresh air. It cleans your car interior’s atmosphere so that you’re not taking in unhealthy pollutants from your fellow highway cruisers or those leftovers you may have forgotten about. The purifier’s built-in ionizer works wonders to destroy odors from food, exhaust, and sweat. Even after an intense workout, the scent of your sweat won’t linger, and if you’ve been driving behind a car that clearly needs a smog check, you won’t have to breathe that in! The purifier even gets rid of cigarette smoke in mere seconds. It’s also great for keeping allergies at bay, as it sifts out dander, pollen, bacteria, and more. It couldn’t be more simple than plugging in this air purifier for an auto interior that’s so fresh and so clean—it will smell that way, at least. And at a whopping 80% off, the Car Plug-In Air Purifier is a steal at just $16.99. Start breathing easy on your commute and on road trips alike!
ankr smart tracker dtdeals  2

ANKR Smart Tracker


Attach ANKR to Your Belongings & Never Lose Them Again

ANKR is a thin, lightweight tag that easily attaches to your commonly misplaced items—i.e. your bag, keys, wallet, glasses, etc. It then communicates with your smartphone so you’ll always know when something’s left behind. Unlike other low energy Bluetooth trackers, ANKR has a replaceable battery, so it’s no one-find wonder. Filled with other unique features, ANKR is truly the smartest way to get smart about your belongings.
  • Attaches & tracks any belonging: purse, wallet, keys, etc.
  • Designed to fit slimly on your key ring
  • Alerts you when you’re about to lose something
  • Respects safe zones (defined through the app)
  • Allows you to manually set off an ear-tickling tone w/ the app
  • Periodically drops GPS locations, so you can check the most recent locations