Report: Amazon smartphone ‘confirmed’, may be unveiled at Thursday’s event

amazon-phoneThere have been rumors swirling around for some time now about the possibility of an Amazon smartphone coming to market. A report from The Verge suggests it is going to happen, and that it may even be unveiled at Amazon’s press event in Santa Monica on Thursday.

The report obtained its information from “multiple sources”, adding that the handset would run “a variant of the Kindle Fire’s Android-based operating system.” Other than that, few details are known about the device.

The phone is reportedly not yet finished, though it appears this won’t stop it from being presented to the press at Thursday’s event.

Chatter surrounding the possibility of Amazon readying itself for the smartphone market increased significantly a couple of months back when reports surfaced claiming the e-commerce giant was “working with component suppliers in Asia to test the smartphone.” Foxconn is rumored to be manufacturing the phone at its plants in China.

As with its Kindle Fire tablet, any such handset from Amazon will likely be placed at the low end of the market, sold at cost, or possibly at a loss, in order to boost sales of the device and push people towards its well-stocked online store.

It’s set to be a busy day for Amazon tomorrow. The Seattle-based company is widely expected to launch the second iteration of its 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet at the media gathering, possibly together with a cut-price Fire with ads. An updated Kindle Touch e-reader, or possibly a brand new ‘Paperwhite’ e-reader, is also thought to be on the way.

Digital Trends will be at the event, which kicks off at 10.30am PT, so be sure to check back for the lowdown on Amazon’s new offerings.

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