Amazon said to launch two new Kindle Fire devices with better build, 10-inch model with camera

kindle-fire-anglesIn the world of tech, when the rumor mill starts spinning, it more often than not concerns talk of an upcoming Apple product, real or imagined. So it makes a somewhat refreshing change to hear that “people with knowledge of the matter” or “two employees at the company who spoke on condition of anonymity” are currently talking about a different product manufactured by a different company.

At the moment, the talk surrounds Amazon and its Kindle Fire updates. BGR is reporting that according to “a trusted source” (haven’t heard that one too often), the e-commerce giant is preparing to release not one, but two, tablets.

Now, it’s not the first time we’ve heard the suggestion that Amazon is developing a larger 10-inch Kindle Fire alongside its current 7-inch model, but the latest report claims the company is now “ready to move forward” with the new tablets.

Besides making progress with the larger Kindle Fire, Amazon is also said to have finished prepping an update to the original 7-inch version, with BGR’s source claiming to have had both tablets in their hands.

The updated, smaller device will apparently have a better, more solid build than its predecessor. “It’s really up a notch from the current Fire,” the source told BGR, adding that the new version will have a metal casing instead of the soft-touch plastic body found on the first-generation device. The 10-inch model will also come with a metal casing. They may also be equipped with an HDMI-out port.

They’ll reportedly be thinner than the original iPad, with the 10-inch model featuring a front-facing camera. There’s no mention of a camera on the 7-inch device, but with Google’s recently-released Nexus 7 tablet – which is set to go head-to-head with the Kindle Fire – sporting a front-facing camera, it’s hard to believe Amazon will omit such a feature.

The new Kindle Fire tablets could be released as early as next month, at the same time as Google begins selling its first tablet. Whether Amazon can maintain consumer interest in its Fire device and bat away competition from Google will depend largely on what new features it can offer, though the initial response to the Nexus 7 will also be critical.

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