Amazon’s tablet will be named the Kindle Fire

inviteAmazon is all set to announce its long-awaited Android tablet this Wednesday, a device that is projected to give the iPad the biggest run for its money yet. Now, TechCrunch is reporting the tablet is to be named the Kindle Fire.

Rumor has it the Kindle Fire (which doesn’t signal a discontinuation of the original eInk Kindles, don’t worry) resembles a much-improved BlackBerry PlayBook. As reported, it will run Android but Amazon is using its own skin that gives the software a unique experience and distinguish it from the host of other Android tablets. We’ll get a glimpse at the model this Wednesday, but the tablets won’t launch until November — just in time for the holiday shopping season and right on target with those original rumors.

Since everything is lining up quite nicely and in line with what we’ve heard about Amazon tablets since day one, we’re hedging bets that a 10-inch tablet announcement is in the foreseeable future. And this might be the one to hold out for: Rumor has it Amazon is simply trying to get a tablet in its lineup for holiday shopping as well as to steal some of the Apple iPhone thunder sure to come our way (right?!). We’ll know better Wednesday, as we’ll be at Amazon’s New York event announcing the launch of the Kindle Fire.

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