Android popularity up 11 percent, study shows


Android remains the most-used smartphone operating system in the US for the seventh month in a row, reports mobile advertising network Millennial Media, which published its study today. A total of 54 percent of all ad impressions made on smartphones, through the Millennial network, were served on Android devices, an 11 percent increase from May.

Apple’s share fell two points in the smartphone category, to 26 percent, though iOS still remains the second most popular smartphone OS. Research In Motion dropped two points to 15 percent, while Nokia‘s Symbian and Windows Phone operating systems took 3 and 2 percent, respectively.


When looking at all devices (not just smartphones), Apple continued its lead as the top mobile device manufacturer, with 30.67 percent of all impressions appearing on iOS-based devices, which includes all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad units. The iPhone also held on to its top spot as the single most popular smartphone, with 16.19 percent of the Millennial market.

Samsung grew 10 percent month-over-month to become the second most popular handset maker, with nearly 15 percent of the market. That was helped along by sales of the Nexus S, which accounted for more than double the number of ad impressions served during May. This pushed that handset into the No. 4 spot, just behind the Motorola Droid and the BlackBerry Curve, which took second and third.

HTC held on to its No. 4 spot on the manufacturers’ list with nearly 10 percent market share. Motorola followed closely behind with just over 9 percent. LG held 7.5 percent, and Nokia held a mere 2.7 percent of Millennial’s market.

Millennial always delivers a wealth of interesting tidbits, so make sure to check out the slideshow below to see all the facts and figures from this month’s study.

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