Android-powered ‘Pocket TV’ turns any television into a Smart TV

Pocket TV Angry Birds

Detailed extensively on Kickstarter, Dubai-based company Infinitec has packed a small microcomputer into a black, plastic case that’s similar in size to a typical USB dongle and allows you to immediately turn a HDTV into a giant computer screen. Outputting 1080p resolution through a HDMI 1.3 connection, the Pocket TV runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and allows the user to connect to the Google Play Store to immediately download applications. In order to store applications and media on the device, Infinitec has included a MicroSD port that will accommodate any MicroSD card up to 32GB in size. In addition, the Pocket TV comes with 4GB of internal memory. The device runs on a 1GHz ARM processor in addition to 1 GB of RAM. Regarding connectivity, the device connects via 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi as well as bluetooth.

Pocket TV dongleThere’s also a USB 2.0 input on the side of the dongle. Users can plug an HD video camera for video calls, an external hard drive for expanded access to media or a wireless keyboard and mouse for typing and navigation. While the standard version of the Pocket TV comes with a basic IR remote using directional pad navigation, Infinitec is also packaging a version with an advanced remote that includes a gyroscopic sensor.

The Air Remote allows the user to control the mouse cursor on the screen by moving the remote control in their hands; ideal for games designed for a touchscreen. In addition, the Air Remote comes with a full QWERTY keyboard for typing out search queries or a site address within a Web browser. For users with an iPhone or Android smartphone, the Google Remote TV app is compatible with the Pocket TV and Infinitec is also working on a custom application for smartphones. 

Infinitec is currently testing a variety of popular applications on the Google Play Store. However, details on the Kickstarter project indicate that working apps include Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video for streaming 1080p video, Facebook and Twitter for social media junkies, Flipboard and Pulse for anyone interested in news and Google Maps to quickly pull up driving directions.

In addition, Angry Birds works well on the device, users can browse the Web with Google Chrome or Opera and anyone can watch movie trailers with the IMDB application. Other working applications listed on the page that have been tested include DropBox, Evernote, CNN, BBC on Demand, ESPN and Google Currents.

IR Remote and Air RemoteWhile the cheaper “Early Bird” packages have already sold out on Kickstarter, anyone can currently preorder the Pocket TV at a $110 price for the version with the standard remote control or a $135 price for the version with the Air Remote. Once the device is released, the version with the Air Remote is expected to sell for approximately $190. Infinitec finished finalizing the software during June and plans to start mass production of the device within the next sixty days. Ideally, the company hopes to start shipping the Pocket TV during late September, but is targeting October as the official launch month.