Angry Birds surpasses 2 million downloads on Android


We wouldn’t mind walking the halls at Rovio today. The publisher released Angry Birds on the Android Market over the weekend and has already shot past two million downloads on the platform, showing how pent-up demand truly is for the best-selling Apple App Store game.

The company announced the news on its Twitter account several hours ago: “Another day, another million. Passed 2 million downloads on Android.” The game appears on track to tick past three million in the next day or so as game-deprived Android users clamor to download the title.

Interestingly, unlike its $1.99 price point on other platforms, Rovio has opted to give Angry Birds away for free on Android. The game will be ad-supported for the time being. So far, the only ads appearing are out of the way (under the game board) and fairly non-intrusive. Rovio chose this method because paid downloads are not selling well on the platform, according to its Twitter posts. The publisher is not the first to note the lack of paid sales on the Android Market. Many game developers are reluctant to offer paid games on the platform because they tend to under perform, even at low prices.

Angry Birds is available on the Android Market now.

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