Apple accused of altering another picture in case against Samsung

iPhone vs Galaxy S lawsuit doctored pictureApple’s case against Samsung has so much drama it is starting to sound like a bad soup opera. A Dutch publication (translated) is reporting that Samsung’s lawyers are accusing Apple of doctoring pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S phone. This time the case in question is based in the Netherlands, and not Germany. Apple’s suit against Samsung is based on the fact that the devices look so similar that a consumer might get them mixed up. In the picture supplied by Apple the two devices look extremely similar, but when compared to a normal sized Galaxy S the difference is clear.

Earlier this week there was a similar story posted based around the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but there seems to be a key difference between that story and this one. There was no real implied guilt in the tablet picture, mostly just pointing out that the picture provided looked modified. The ban against Samsung has been lifted, but for reasons other than the doctored picture.  In today’s story Samsung’s lawyers are actually accusing Apple of changing the picture.

It is pretty shocking if the accusations are true, and Apple purposely did change the pictures in question. The iPhone 3G and 3GS are 115.5mm tall, while the Samsung Galaxy S phone is 122.4mm. In the picture supplied by Apple they are the exact same height, which is one of the reasons they look so similar. Seeing as the iPhone has a 3.5inch display and the Galaxy S has a 4inch display they clearly aren’t going to be the same size. So the question is does the 6.9 mm change to the picture really change the look of the phones side by side?

What do you think? When you see the picture above how different do the two Galaxy phones look compared to the iPhone?