Apple and Samsung could soon call a cease fire on the lawsuits

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The patent disputes between Apple and Samsung are well documented, and both companies seemed unprepared for any kind of settlement. However, based on a report by The Korea Times, it looks like Apple and Samsung are finally ready to put the constant patent disputes to rest and talk about a settlement.

According to the publication’s sources, which were said to be directly involved with the matter, Apple and Samsung have agreed to begin talks to settle patent disputes between the two companies. “Samsung has recently resumed working-level discussions with Apple and the key issue is how to dismiss all lawsuits,” said the sources. While details of the settlement, including royalty payments, have yet to be hashed out, it looks like it’s a matter of time before the two companies lay the disputes to rest.

Talking to The Korea Times, German-based patent and copyright blogger Florian Müller, who also serves as a consultant to both Microsoft and Oracle, said Apple and Samsung should reach a settlement during the summer. “[Apple’s] agreement with Google shows that its management is looking for a face-saving exit strategy from Steve Jobs’ thermonuclear ambitions that were based on a totally unrealistic assessment of the strength of Apple’s patent portfolio,” said Müller.

Müller agrees with the general consensus surrounding the Apple/Samsung patent disputes, which argues that the disputes have been a waste of time and resources. Even so, when it comes to Apple and Samsung, we’ve been fooled before. Settlement talks between the two companies took place before, only for those talks to break down. Let’s hope things are different this time around.