Asus to accessorize the Nexus 7, expect an audio dock and cases, but not a keyboard

Google Nexus 7 tablet on Google Play

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The Nexus 7 tablet may be Google’s baby, but Asus, the manufacturer behind it, hasn’t cut the apron strings just yet, and will be launching at least two accessories for it in the near future.

Speaking to, an Asus spokesperson has revealed an audio dock is in the works, and will be out sometime during the summer. The dock won’t just be there to amplify your music either, as it will apparently support the tablet in landscape mode for watching video, and will charge the device too.

No pictures have been released, but it’s said to be subtle enough to blend in with the Nexus 7’s design. Asus announced an audio dock for its Transformer range of tablets at Computex 2012, but as they sport a brushed metal finish, they’re anything but subtle.

This as-yet unreleased product could give an indication of the future Nexus 7 dock’s features, and the good news is Asus teamed up with Bang & Olufsen, who provide an ICEPower amp to power the four 3-watt speakers.

Interestingly, a card reader and full-size USB port are hiding on the back, and it would be great to see those included on the Nexus 7’s dock.

Sadly, Asus says it has no plans to make that other Transformer accessory, a keyboard dock, available for the Nexus 7. It’s understandable, really, as Google’s new tablet is about media consumption rather than work or endless email communication. Also, the smaller dimensions of the Nexus 7 would make a similarly mini physical keyboard, far less usable than one approaching full-size.

For those wanting to protect their little tablet from the elements, Asus will release a series of colorful cases, which appear to resemble the recently announced Apple iPad Smart Case.

As these are Asus and not Nexus products, we wonder whether Google will sell the accessories through Google Play, or if these will appear alongside the retail version of the Nexus 7. This, along with exact release dates and prices, remain a mystery for now.

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