AT&T to offer mobile security app later this year

Smartphone-Security via mobilephones-news.comAT&T is implementing a new security platform to quell fears around the threat of malware infecting consumer and enterprise mobile devices. It’s a timely announcement considering some of the mobile threats unveiled recently at DefCon.

The huge telecommunications company is partnering with Sunnyvale, California-based Juniper Networks for this smartphone security project. AT&T’s Mobile Security app—the first of many phases for the project—should be available later this year and is modeled off of Juniper’s Junos Pulse solution which monitors mobile network security and third-party app integration.

Consumer-grade devices will be get anti-virus, anti-malware and app monitoring and control. For businesses and organizations, the Mobile Security Application will feature all that consumer-grade gets as well as the ability to manage personal or enterprise-owned devices and allow a business’ IT to enforce security policies.

Ed Amoros, chief security officer at AT&T said, “Mobile security is the ‘next frontier’ for our continued effort to mitigate cyber-threats and to help protect our customers’ information.”

CNET points out that Juniper Networks acquired S-Mobile Systems last year, a company that deals in smartphone security for government officials. Juniper’s Junos Pulse is currently available for both Android OS and Apple iOS.

The modern sophistication of smartphones warrant the same kind of protection you can expect for your computer and the mobilization of providers reflect the rising concern. AT&T’s mobile security effort closely follows Sprint Nextel which yesterday introduced an Android version of McAfee for mobile devices.

Android especially has been falling prey to malware. A few months ago 120,000 users were victim to an Android Marketplace outbreak dubbed Droid Dream Light. Last week a new Android Trojan virus was to found to be able to record outgoing phone calls, storing conversations in the device’s SD card.