Blackberry and Samsung tease us with previews of Superbowl Ads

blackberry and samsung superbowl ads super bowl commercial  medium

The Superbowl is America’s  biggest sports event of the year, as well as one of its most watched too. Whether you’re watching it for the game or not, companies of all shapes and sizes are preparing for the big game this year with witty and expensive advertising to shower you with. With only a few days remaining until the big game, both Samsung and BlackBerry are showing off teasers on what should come on Sunday.

Samsung decided to release a teaser on YouTube titled “El Plato Supreme,” poking fun at the NFL trademark of the Superbowl as Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan pitch an ad to Bob Odenkirk. The ad also feature Samsung’s ongoing theme that “The Next Best Thing is Here,” taking aim at Apple and their ongoing war to eat away at the iPhone maker’s market share. The teaser also hinted at participation by both Superbowl teams.

 BlackBerry, however, has chose to remain even more discrete with its advertising, sharing only a screen still of its anticipated Superbowl ad that we frankly can’t make heads or tails of. The ad will air less than a week after BlackBerry’s debut of BB 10, they’re company claims it will display the same revolutionary values as their new OS. While no other teasers have been released by BlackBerry, digital agency Pixelcarve has released their own BB 10 “Superbowl Ad,”  offering a very bold perspective of the company.  

While BlackBerry and Samsung both chose to remain discrete, a myriad of companies have already took to YouTube, releasing their Big Game ads in advance to the public. Some of these videos have already garnered millions of views, and feature everything from RAV 4 genies to gods of war. While the styles differ, all of these companies are getting immense attention through social media, and certainly doing their best to get their money’s worth.