Buy a Samsung 3D TV at Bestbuy this weekend and get a free Galaxy Tab


If you have been shopping for a 3D TV and an Android tablet this is the weekend for you to finally pull the trigger. Samsung and Best Buy are teaming up to give away a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the purchase of certain 3D TV. The deal is only for two different TVs, one a 46” LED, and another is for a mystery 55” TV with 3D starter kit. The cheapest package will cost you $1499.99.

Unfortunately Best Buy does not tell us which two models of TVs are part of the promotion, so we can’t give too much information about the selected models. Having searched the Best Buy website we found a pretty wide range of prices for TVs that matched the vague descriptions provided so we are not able to say for sure which TVs are part of the deal.

We do know about the Samsung tablet involved, and it is one of the most sought after Android tablet on the market. In our review we really enjoyed the tablet, and think it is the Android tablet best suited to rival the iPad 2.

This promotion makes sense considering that the general population still isn’t on board with 3D technology. They cost more than 2D TVs, and require you to buy special hardware to view 3D content. Only time will tell if TV makers will keep trying to sell these TVs or if they will take a break and wait until a glasses free option is available in large screen sizes.

Something to keep in mind if you are TV shopping, all 3D TVs work perfectly fine in 2D mode, so if you are shopping for a TV you can always buy one of the two from the promotion just to get a free tablet.