Coby launches the MID7065, its first Google certified Android tablet

Coby MID7065 Android Tablet

Apparently, there’s no such thing as too much choice when it comes to budget, 7-inch Android tablets and at CES today, Coby introduced another addition to the swelling ranks. However, instead of calling it something memorable like Pizazz or ThunderSlate, Coby has called it the MID7065. We’ll remind you again in a short while, as it’s sure to slip your mind.

The tablet represents an important first for Coby, as it has been Google certified, meaning it has access to Google Play, plus comes with all those handy Google apps pre-installed, including YouTube, Gmail, and Chrome. Previous Coby tablets have had to make do with a third-party app store, such as GetJar, so this is a considerable step up.

Coby’s tablet has a 7-inch face, but the company hasn’t confirmed its resolution. However, according to its FCC report discovered a few days ago, it’ll be a lowly 1024 x 600 pixels. Inside the tablet is an Amlogic dual-core processor with a clock-speed of 1.2GHz, a chip with which not everyone will be familiar, but can also be found in the much-talked-about GameStick Android games console currently attracting attention on Kickstarter.

The MID7065 also has 8GB of internal storage memory and a microSD card slot to increase this by another 32GB, 1GB of RAM, a VGA video call camera above the screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the operating system is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The price for this unassuming tablet will be $150 and it’s expected to hit the shops before the end of March.

Of course, when it does so, the Coby MID7065 will be up against some stiff competition, particularly if the resolution turns out to be 1024 x 600, as the super popular and still desirable Kindle Fire is the same price, and either the Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 offer considerably better specs for another $50.