Comedian Kristen Shaal challenges gamers to build her a Minecraft palace


The Xperia Play doesn’t seem to be taking off (it’s had a price cut and Sony isn’t releasing numbers), but don’t blame Kristen Shaal. The comedian–who you may know from Flight of the Conchords or The Daily Show–has appeared in a few ads for Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation phone, and they’re all pretty funny. In the latest one, released last week, she celebrates Minecraft coming to the Play by challenging everyone to create the biggest, most impressive monument to her they can. The winner will get to visit Kristen in New York and show off their monument. 

“I made my face out of diamonds once and I passed out cause it was so gorgeous. But I want more,” says Shaal in the ad. “I’m looking for a super genius minecraft wizard to slave away and build me something so extraordinary that I go into a coma for half a year. I want a palace, a monument. Something like a shrine to me. …. the creator of the greatest pixelation will get to come to New York, meet with me, and share their Minecraft brilliance with the world. Then we’ll live in your creation. We’ll shrink down to tiny tiny little computer bodies–we’ll live there forever.”

Entrants can post their creations and a video explaining them to Oh, and we’ll have to check out Minecraft for the Xperia Play, though we imagine most of Kristen’s monuments will be built on the PC.