Confirmed: No Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress says Samsung

Samsung Logo Door OfficesIf you’ve been holding on to dreams that the Galaxy S III may still make a surprise entrance at Mobile World Congress, it’s time to let them go, as Samsung has confirmed there will be no such launch.

In a statement sent to, Samsung says the following: “The successor to the Galaxy S II smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product.”

Don’t think that means MWC will be a wash-out for Samsung though, as the statement also says they’ll be “introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products” at the show. Speculation has begun to build that the company will be showing-off some new tablets, including a potential Amazon Kindle Fire competitor.

So what’s the reason for the delay? Saying “closer to commercial availability” could suggest problems with the manufacturing of the device or last minute changes to its design or features, but it could also be a marketing-driven decision.

The Galaxy S II has been a huge success, essentially becoming Samsung’s iPhone, and therefore the company no doubt feel it deserves its own iPhone-like launch event. Certainly the Galaxy S III rivals the iPhone 5 in terms of rumors and anticipation, so why wouldn’t Samsung want to capitalize on this and put it head-to-head with its nemesis later on this year.

While Android fans will be disappointed that the S III won’t be unveiled at the end of the month, companies such as HTC and Nokia will be pleased, as it will allow their new phones to take center-stage.

Rather than the Galaxy S III being lost in amongst other launches as some have suggested may be a worry to Samsung, it would have been more likely to have taken over the show, making it more of a concern for everyone else.

So, when it comes to actual product launch dates – not events – who’ll blink first, Samsung or Apple?