Could the HTC Holiday be AT&T’s first LTE phone?

HTC Holiday AT&T LTEIs this HTC phone the first LTE handset on AT&T’s new LTE network? We first heard about the HTC Holiday in August, but some new pictures are showing something we didn’t hear about. It looks as though the Holiday will be on AT&T’s LTE network when it is released. The pictures not only show some that the phone is on AT&T’s LTE, but also shows just how fast that network might be when it is available.

From our earlier report we said the Holiday should have a 1.2gigahertz dual core processor, a 4.5-inch qHD screen, and run HTC’s Sense 3.0. The picture we see here shows that at least the Sense 3.0 rumor seems to be true, and since Sense 3.0 is only available on dual core phones it seems as though the dual core rumor is also true. We can’t tell from the pictures if the screen is actually 4.5-inches, or what the resolution is, but we can see the styling of the phone matches the hardware that was leaked last month.

Speed Test of AT&T LTE on HTC HolidayEven though the front of the Holiday looks like every other HTC phone on the market, it is nice to see HTC making a change to the rear of the phone. The very angular design of this phone is a refreshing change to HTC’s tried and true phone models for the last couple of years.

As for the potential speed of AT&T LTE network, it looks to be currently faster than any reported Verizon download speeds to date. Of course it has to be stated that this phone is currently running on a network that is basically empty, so no one else is sharing its bandwidth. Time will tell just how fast the network will be in real world situations.

There is no word on release date for this phone, or any LTE phone on AT&T, the only clue we have is that AT&T does not plan to have any LTE phones available until the end of 2011.