Could this be Google’s $150 Kindle Fire killer, the Nexus Tablet?


I’m not so sure about this one, but PocketNow is claiming that there is a good chance that the image above is the rumored Google Nexus tablet that will rival the Kindle Fire on price, clocking in somewhere around $150-$250. Unfortunately, the site seems to base this claim entirely on speculation. Whoever sent them this picture didn’t even specify what it was. It could be anything.

While the device does appear to run an unmodified version of Android 4.0, that doesn’t mean much; in the tablet world, not every manufacturer heavily modifies Android. It also appears to be larger than the rumored 7-inch form factor, and there’s no sign that this is made by Asus. It looks kind of like an Asus device, but it’s so generically designed that it could be mistaken for a Lenovo tablet or Chinese iPad knockoff just as easily. 

Honestly, this picture is all we have currently, and it could very easily be a complete fake or a shot of some completely different tablet. It’s almost silly that we’re even posting this, but hey, if this is the big Google Tablet, you’ll be one of the first to see it. That’s something, right?

Currently, Google is expected to debut its tablet plans sometime around the CTIA Wireless trade show on May 8-10. This could change, but we’ll keep you posted. 

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