Don’t lose your Gear Live or G Watch charger: You can’t buy a new one

Samsung SM R382 back port

The Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch are just in the beginning of their respective lifespans, and there is already one big issue that, based on frustrated commenters on Reddit, has yet to be remedied: the lack of replacement charging cradles.

Rather than installing a Micro USB port into the Gear Live and G Watch, Samsung and LG opted to use proprietary docks that then plug into a standard Micro USB cable. However, according to several posts on Reddit, losing or breaking either cradle will leave you extremely frustrated because neither company offers replacement cradles. When we reviewed the Gear Live, we lost the charging cradle for it, and while we were lucky enough to get a replacement, it’s obvious that not everyone is so lucky.

LG has yet to comment on the issue, though a Samsung representative told Android Police that affected customers “can contact Samsung Customer Care for support.” According to the representative, Samsung will sell charging cradles through its own online portal and through Best Buy, but no timetable was given.

In the meantime, we suggest you put on your kid gloves when dealing with the Gear Live’s and G Watch’s charging cradles.