Dell’s Streak 5 tablet discontinued

Dell’s US website has confirmed the demise of its Streak 5 tablet. The news was presented by way of a photo of a woman in sunglasses looking wistfully out of a car window, next to the words, “Goodbye Streak 5. It’s been a great ride.” But Dell dumping the tablet would suggest to many that it was, in fact, a rather uncomfortable and bumpy journey.

The news was first picked up by Streak Smart, which noted that the laying to rest of the Android-based tablet appeared at this stage to apply only to US consumers. The Streak 5 looks to be alive and well in the UK, for example, with the tablet selling on the company’s website there for a hefty £379 ($615).

Streak Smart point out that US stocks of the diminutive tablet ran out over a month ago, which either meant it was selling like hot cakes (it wasn’t) or that it was about to be dumped (that’s the one).

When the 5-inch screen tablet was released just over a year ago, Ron Garriques, president of Dell Communication Solutions Group, said, “The Dell Streak hits the sweet spot between traditional smartphones and larger-screen tablets.” But its size may have been its biggest weakness, with consumers apparently not interested in “something in between.” In fact, to many it was more of a large smartphone than a small tablet. And possibly too large to hold up to your ear in public without feeling a little self-conscious.

Dell’s slightly larger Streak 7 tablet continues to be sold, as do accessories for the now defunct Streak 5.

On a brighter note for the Texas-based company, on Thursday it unveiled three new notebooks, the Inspiron 13x, Inspiron 14x, and the Vostro V131.

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