Did a US version of the Galaxy S II sneak into a Samsung promo video?

US Version of Samsung Galaxy S IIMuch like Apple’s next iPhone there are several rumors surrounding when Samsung’s Galaxy S II coming to the United States. In a teaser video posted on Samsung’s youtube channel informs viewers that the Galaxy S II will be a big deal in the states. That really isn’t a bold claim seeing as the Galaxy S II is one of the fastest selling Android phones of all time, even before launching in the United States. Samsung’s use of the phrase, “Big in” could be a nod at the rumored 4.5inch display.  In a possible misstep by Samsung there appears to be an image of a US version of the Galaxy S II at the very end of the video.  Seeing as there will most likely at least four versions of the Galaxy S II available in the states we aren’t sure which version it is.

Throughout the video there is what appears to be a generic Galaxy S II phone on display. The very visible physical middle button is a dead give-away that the phone is the Galaxy S II currently available in other areas of the world. At the end of the video there is a still image of a phone with phone with four touch sensitive buttons along the bottom of the phone, and no physical button.  If you blink you will miss it.

The front of the phone looks like the leaked image of an AT&T version of the Galaxy S II. With the side profile visible the phone looks too thin to hide a slide out keyboard like the picture we have seen of AT&T’s model. It is possible that the phone is T-Mobile’s Hercules which is said to sport a 4.5inch screen.  We do not have enough information on either the Sprint or Verizon versions to include them in our speculations.

We don’t know what phone we see in the video, but we are excited. With the latest rumors pointing to an October launch it is a pretty safe bet that we will hear a few more rumors before any of the phones actually launch.