Dropped and destroyed: iPad Mini and Nexus 7 wrecked in drop test, but one fares slightly better

dropped and destroyed ipad mini nexus 7 wrecked in drop testIf your fingers are a bit on the buttery side and you’re thinking of buying an iPad Mini or Nexus 7 anytime soon, perhaps you should first take a look at a new drop test video which sends both devices crashing to the ground multiple times – just like you might if you buy one.

This kind of video is never pretty, and of course it never ends well, however, they do give some indication as to how your new tablet might fare should it inadvertently slip from your hand and acquaint itself with a concrete surface.

Following Friday’s launch of Apple’s diminutive 7.9-inch iPad, the folks over at Android Authority wasted no time in using it in a drop test, pitching it against Google’s 7-inch Nexus tablet.

The first test saw the tablets dropped on their side – the iPad Mini suffered some minor damage to the bezel in this fall but overall did OK.

“Not good guys, not good,” was the dropper’s response when he saw the damage sustained by the Nexus 7 in its first fall. The screen cracked and shattered, some of the plastic casing came off, and there was “a really significant dent” on one side. Ouch!

The second drop in this highly unscientific test was supposed to involve the tablets landing on their back, but the iPad Mini tilted as it fell and came down on one corner, shattering the screen in the process. The Nexus 7 was wrecked in its second drop, with some of the plastic along the side coming off. But worse than that, the touch screen became unresponsive, rendering it inoperable.

As the dropper announced the final face-down drop, you could almost hear the tablets screaming “Noooooo!!!” for this was bound to finish them off. Apple’s iPad Mini suffered more damage to its screen and lost some of its casing, but impressively, continued to function. Google’s tablet, well, it was already trashed so this final drop just trashed it some more.

So there we have it, two wrecked tablets, with one ending up slightly less wrecked than the other. So if you’re the type of person that spends more time picking up your gadgets off the floor than actually holding them, perhaps Apple’s new tablet is the one for you. Oh, you might want to check out their specs too….