Eric Shmidt says Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is coming in October or November

Android Ice Cream Sandwich largeEver since Google announced Ice Cream Sandwich in May there have been rumors floating around the blogosphere about when Google will release its new operating system. We have finally heard a release time frame from Eric Schmidt, and he is saying that we should expect to see it released in October or November. To be exact he said, “We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October/November, which everyone’s really excited about.”

Schmidt made the statement during an interview held during Safeforce’s Dreamforce conference. Schmidt spoke about several other tech related topics, so you should do yourself a favor and watch the whole clip below.

The latest rumor we heard was that ICS would be coming out in October, but it is still unclear what, if any, hardware will be accompany the OS. We have been hearing steady rumors about the next Nexus phone to be due out in October, which should be running ICS, but have not heard about any tablets that might also be launched.  It is logical to think that Google will announce a tablet as well as a phone along with ICS seeing as the OS will run on both types of hardware.

Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s attempt to have a phone and a tablet share the same interface and apps. There have not been many leaked details about the operating system, except for the details provided by Google in May.  If all of the recent rumors are true we might see the launch of the new iPhone, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Microsoft’s second edition of Windows Phone 7 in the month of October.

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