Galaxy Note owners, you can upgrade to Android 4.0

Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich

Galaxy Note owners on AT&T should be able to upgrade to Android 4.0 now. Samsung sent us a press release, which states that all Note owners will be pushed the update or can update manually in the Settings menu of their phone.

The move to Android 4.0 comes with its own set of changes and  enhancements, but on top of the expected changes, Samsung has bundled in some new software for the S-Pen. 

S-Note: Now has a formula match feature for recognizing math formulas and calculating the answers. You can also look up equations on Shape Match automatically corrects shapes that you draw, so you look like a better artist. Finally, Knowledge Search looks for answers to questions that you write on Wolfram Alpha if you tap the search button.

My Story App: This app lets you create your own ‘story’ using pictures, drawings, text, and handwriting. When you’re done, you can send it to others. Unfortunately, the app can only be found on the Samsung Apps store.

S Memo upgrade: The S Memo app now has a widget that gives you ‘better’ access to features. You can upload content to Evernote and Google Drive.

These enhancements are minimal and won’t add much for those who don’t use the S-Pen regularly, but they are better than nothing. Overall, it’s impressive to see Samsung dedicating itself to delivering worthwhile upgrades to products like the Galaxy Note. We hope it keeps this up. Android 4.1 is available, after all.

For more information on how to upgrade, head over to Samsung’s upgrade site. If you’re daring, try going into Settings > About (I think it’s there) and checking for system updates.