Galaxy S3 hits 30 million sales milestone and picks up two awards in UK

galaxy s3 hits 30 million sales milestone and picks up two awards in uk 30m soldIt reached the 10 million milestone in September, the 20 million mark in October and now, according to a tweet from Samsung’s Poland office, the Galaxy S3 has sold 30 million units worldwide since launching in May.

“We have already sold 30 million Samsung Galaxy S3 phones worldwide! Have you had a chance to test its features?” the tweet said. It was accompanied by a photo (above) of who we can assume to be Samsung staff, jumping in the air with unbridled joy holding number cards.

Despite strong competition from Apple’s recently launched iPhone 5, the S3 is evidently still flying off the shelves at a healthy rate. Heading into the holiday season, the S3 is likely to have another strong competitor to deal with in the form of Google’s recently released Nexus 4 device.

Other good news for the company comes via one of the UK’s leading gadget magazines, Stuff. At an awards ceremony hosted by the magazine in London this week, the Android-powered S3 was chosen by a panel of judges as the best smartphone of 2012, as well as the best gadget.

“2012 has been a landmark year for technology, particularly in the tablet and smartphone spaces,” Stuff editor Will Findlater said, adding, “While Apple’s gadgets have been exemplary, its competitors have made even greater strides – and the Galaxy S3, with its 4.8-inch HD screen and unique interface innovations, shows that Samsung has made the greatest strides of all.”

Besides its 1280 x 720 (720p) Super AMOLED screen, Samsung’s high-end device also features face-, gesture- and voice-recognition functionality. It also has a powerful 8-megapixel rear camera and comes in 16, 32 and 64GB flavors, with a microSD expansion slot for cards up to 64GB. You can check out DT’s full review of the phone here.

Samsung will be hoping to build on the success of the S3 with its new S3 Mini smartphone, although consumers hoping for a similar experience to that offered by the full-size S3 may be disappointed. As DT’s Andy Boxall points out, “it’s not a Galaxy S3 in a slightly smaller body, but a small phone aimed at a different buyer.”