Grace Digital’s Gdock decidedly NOT ‘Made for iPhone’

gdock grace digital“Made for iPhone.” If you’ve purchased almost any audio speaker in the last half-decade, you’ve seen this sticker. The success of the iPod and iPhone line has spawned an entirely new market of portable speakers and peripherals, all made exclusively for Apple’s famed device. Even as Android smartphones have grown to dominate the market, the speakers remain Made for iPhone. Well, Android owners, Grace Digital wants you to know that it’s new speaker is not made for iPhone. Nope. 

Billed brazenly as, “not made for iPhone,” the Gdock speaker from Grace Digital — which connects via a Micro USB — features interchangeable station cradles that fit to the Galaxy S2, S3, Note 1 and Note 2, as well as a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that Grace claims will play for up to 12 hours on one charge and charge up your Samsung device while doing it.

When it comes to audio specs, this speaker might not blow you away, but with two 3-inch full-range stereo speakers and 16 watts of Class-D power, it isn’t exactly a church mouse, either. We’ve been listening to Grace Digital’s Kindle Fire-friendly Matchstick dock for the past couple of weeks and it does a respectable job, considering its size. Chances are the Gdock will fare similarly. 

The Gdock is available now at GraceDigital and Amazon for about $130.