Google debuts Nexus 10 ad with focus on multiple account feature

nexus 10 adGoogle released a new TV ad for its Nexus 10 device on Monday. The slick 60-second commercial features a couple expecting their first child, though it is of course Google’s tablet which is the star of the ad.

The Mountain View company decided to focus on the Nexus 10’s ability to create multiple accounts, a tablet-only feature introduced with Android 4.2 towards the end of last year. This allows users to set up their own start screen with their favorite apps, widgets and the like. The option to create multiple accounts is something still missing from iOS (will it ever appear?), and so Google is understandably keen to highlight what it sees as a key feature of Android and its Nexus 10 tablet.

As you might expect, many Google offerings are cleverly squeezed into the ad, including the Google Play online store, video chats with Hangouts and voice-activated Google searches.

multi-user account

The mother-to-be is shown preparing for the birth by reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” on the tablet, while his research involves watching Knocked Up.

The ad (below) also has the couple disagreeing over what to call their newborn – he wants Kevin, she wants Alfie. So guess what they call him?

And of course, it ends with the pair creating a user account for the new addition to the family, ensuring that he’ll grow up familiar and comfortable with the Android operating system and therefore live his life without ever feeling the urge to switch to a rival platform. Perfect (for Google).