Google wants to collect and aggregate your health data with Google Fit

google fit data use platform

During Google I/O, Google’s Ellie Powers previewed Google Fit, the search company’s platform that allows for fitness data aggregation.

Using a single set of APIs, Google’s Fit platform collects and aggregates data from fitness apps and sensors in order to allow for better management of a user’s fitness stream, so long as the user gives permission for the platform to do so. You can also choose to delete any fitness data as you see fit.

According to Powers, the Fit platform will work on both wearables and other peripherals, like the Withings scale. Adidas and Nike will be taking part, with Nike adding its Fuel number to the Fit stream for other apps to utilize. Other companies that will be taking part include Adidas, Intel, LG, and Motorola.

The software development kit for Google Fit will be available in a few weeks. Apple announced a similar fitness data aggregation platform, Healthkit, during WWDC earlier this month. Both platforms will presumably go live this fall as part of their respective OS updates.