Google Glass already has some apps, like Evernote and Path

google glass

It’s no secret that Google Glass has tech enthusiasts from all around the world excited to try out a cool new toy. But the people at Google know that, while people may think the device is cool, they’re gonna need more incentive to drop some serious money (around $1,500) on something with limited functionality, compared to the things that can be done with a smartphone, which cost a fraction of that price, especially with a phone plan.

According to Laptop, Google announced at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin that that it would also release a series of apps users can use with Glass, including Evernote, Gmail, New York Times, and Path.

With the Gmail app, when new emails reach the user’s inbox, the subject line will display, along with the associated photo of the sender. The user will be able to reply to each email vocally. The New York Times app will display headlines as well as an accompanying photo, but it doesn’t seem that the full articles can be read. Instead the app will actually read the selected article to you. Evernote gives you the ability to save images taken with Glass to Skitch. And Path will let you see your friends’ updates, as well as make comments on them.

Those are the only apps that we’ve been able to confirm for Glass, but that’s because Google hasn’t yet released its Mirror API. Once that happens, and developers get their hands on it, it’ll be interesting to see just what types of other apps will be introduced. (We’re not expecting to see a bunch of gaming apps, but you never know…)