Who needs Google Glass? A 13-year-old boy just created his own eyewear

google glass
13-year-old Clay Haight made something not many kids his age would make: his own version of Google Glass.

As Make reports, when he was 10 years old, Clay bought his first Arduino, the Uno. Now, at age 13, he has the Uno, as well as the Mega, the Esplora, the Mini, the Ardweeny, the Mintduino, and even has his own home-built Arduino compatible. With that said, he was able to make his Do It Yourself (DIY) Google Glass using the sensors on the Esplora, as well as the Arduino LCD screen and pieced it all together on a 3D-printed frame.

The result allows Clay to look at a calendar, local map, and temperature and weather info with voice commands. In order to prevent the device from tilting to one side all the time, Clay installed a headband on the back. It might not look like the cleanest device you’ve ever laid eyes on, but Clay is very happy with his work.

“Now they are extremely comfortable,” said Clay. “In fact, I wear them around my house and tell my parents the temperature just for fun!” You can see a video of his creation down below.

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