Google helps developers prep for Ice Cream Sandwich

Android Ice Cream Sandwich largeAndroid’s Ice Cream Sandwich is still at least a month off, but that doesn’t mean Google can’t help developers to start preparing for the update. Today Google updated its official Android developers blog instructing Honeycomb app developers how to update their apps for the transition to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sadly the blog post doesn’t give us any hints as to an exact release date, but it did provide developers with plenty of useful information.

Honeycomb developers have two options either make your app only useable on tablets, or to embrace Ice Cream Sandwich and allow your apps to be used on any size device. Clearly Google recommends the second option, seeing how Ice Cream Sandwich will be used on phones, tablets, and whatever else they can think of.

Google developers are shown how to make a single app display as though it was custom built for both large and small screens. Now a single app can adjust to whatever device it is being used on, without having to download different versions of the same app for both tablets and phones.

Since first announced there has been very little information coming out of Google about the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update. The only information we know for sure is that it will unify the user experience for Android users with a single operating system. We do not know how it will do that, or what the OS will look like.  Due to the fact that Google is instructing Honeycomb developers how to plan for phones it seems as though Ice Cream Sandwich will be more like Honeycomb than Gingerbread.