You can now draw notes and doodle in Google Keep for Android

google keep automatic categorization drawing feature on galaxy s6
Digital Trends / Robert Nazarian
Google Keep just got a lot better today with a new drawing feature. You can now draw a note to yourself because sometimes it’s easier to jot something down rather than type it.

You can use your finger, or you can use a stylus if your phone is equipped with one. You can even draw over existing images, which is perfect if you need to draw an arrow or circle something important in a photo. Or as Google’s GIF below points out, you can make a note of pumpkin carving ideas.

Once you receive the app’s update (version 3.2.435), you will notice a pen icon at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on that opens a new note in which you can draw whatever your heart desires. There are three different pens representing three different thickness levels, an eraser, and a selection tool. Long pressing on each pen gives you a decent selection of colors, and the selection tool makes it easy to drag part of your drawing or note to another area.

The accompanying widgets have also been updated. The pen icon has been added to the 1×3 widget so that you can open a new drawing note right away. You will also notice the appearance of the pen icon when tapping on the plus icon in the larger 2×3 widget.

The other cool thing is that your drawn notes sync across all your devices the same way regular notes do. They are also fully collaborative, which means that anyone you share notes with can also add drawings. This means you can literally play a game of Pictionary with someone, or a simple game of tic-tac-toe. This probably wasn’t Google’s intention, but it’s just another cool way to use this new feature.

The update is rolling out now in Google Play, so it might take a few days before you get it.

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