Google Maps for Android gets new ‘events listing’ feature

google maps for android gets new events listing feature upcoming

Google continues to update and improve its mobile Maps offering, for Android users at least, with a new feature that offers event information for venues in any given area.

So say you do a search for a particular music spot, the listing on your display will now show up not only the location and contact details of the place, but also who’s performing in the coming days and weeks.

As the Mountain View company points out on its Maps page on Google Play, for the information to show up, the location has to be a “participating venue”, so you can expect to see more and more venues included over time.

The new feature saves the user from having to jump to an external website or call the venue for more information about what’s happening, though the presence of a ‘call’ button on the same page allows you to easily contact the location to make a booking, if need be. 

Although Google’s screenshot of the new feature shows a jazz club, it’ll also work for a range of other venues, for example, theaters, sports-related locations, and concert halls.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Web giant decides to roll out the same feature for iOS users, though the likelihood is that it’ll land sooner or later. The update, which also includes the usual bug fixes, is available now for Android users via Google Play.

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