Google Play gift cards now available at GameStop, RadioShack, Target

google play gift cards now available giftcards

Holy crap, guys. Guess what. No, guess. Go ahead, guess. Wrong! You can now buy Google Play gift cards! Isn’t that exciting? Guys?

Oh well, that’s the news — news we saw coming almost a week ago. Google has partnered with Target, GameStop, and RadioShack to sell $10, $25, and $50 gift cards for its Google Play digital marketplace, where you can buy Android apps, movies, music, movies and TV shows, and digital magazines.

Perhaps more interesting is what you may not do with your Google Play gift card. You may not use your Google Play gift card to purchase “Android app subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or hardware and accessory purchases.,” according to Google.

Also, according to the Google Play gift card terms of service — yes, everything has a terms of service — Google Play gift cards may not be used by any one under the age of 13. Why? Because, technically, no one under the age of 13 is allowed to make purchases through Google Play at all. Further, Google Play gift card owners between the ages of 13 and 17 may only make purchases on Google Play with their gift card — anything that costs more than your gift card balance is out of reach thanks to rules with Google Wallet, to which your Google Play gift card connects.

In other riveting gift card news, Walmart is now offering $100 iTunes gift cards for just $80. As Fortune’s Apple guru Philip Elmer-Dewitt explains, the only caveat is that you have to give your personal information — name, email address, and payment info — to Walmart, which can then use it for its own purposes, or that of its subsidiary companies. It cannot, however, sell your identity to third-parties.