Google unveils Nexus Q, a $300 ‘social streaming media player’

Google unveils Nexus Q social streaming media player

Ahead of the official Google I/O announcement, Google has unveiled its new Nexus Q “social media streaming player,” a first-of-a-kind gadget, according to Google. The device appears poised to take on Apple TV. Unfortunately, it costs $200 more than Apple’s offering.

The Nexus Q is black and ball-shaped, and promises to stream “your favorite entertainment from Google Play and YouTube to the biggest speakers and screen in the house,” according to the Nexus Q website.

The Nexus Q works by connecting to your Android phone or tablet, which serves as the control center. Users can then stream HD movies and television shows, YouTube videos, and music directly from Google Play, to the Nexus Q, which then plays the media on a television, computer, or through speakers over a Wi-Fi connection. The television, computer, or speakers have to be able to connect to Wi-Fi for the Nexus Q to work. Also, phones or tablets must be running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher, and have access to Google Play.

The social features of the Nexus Q that Google is so proud of come in with the use of Google Music. From that app, anyone with access to the same Wi-Fi connection as the Nexus Q can create and share playlists, and stream that music over the Nexus Q system.

The Nexus Q costs $300, and is available for purchase now. Google expects to start shipping the Nexus Q to customers within the next two to three weeks.

Here’s a quick video on the Nexus Q. We’ll update this space soon, if any more information about the device surfaces. And be sure to check back with Digital Trends for more from Google I/O, including the new Nexus 7 tablet, and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).