Google vs. the World

Google vs. the World

Google has a ball in every court. The king of search is always attempting to stretch its reach, marking its territory in every corner of the worldwide Web that it possibly can. And while this has inarguably made it a major contender in all things digital, Google has naturally earned itself a few rivals along the way.

And the Mountain View giant has no intentions of playing nice. Google’s ready to use every weapon in its arsenal against the competition, and it won’t stop until it’s established itself all over the Web, and the world. As powerful as Google is though, we have to wonder: Is it spreading itself a little too thin? But if anyone can, while retaining profit and prestige, it’s certainly Google.

Here’s a look at three of its biggest competitors, the moves it’s making to crack open hardened battle lines and establish a foothold on every mountain, and our best guesses as to whether it will succeed.

Google vs. Apple

Google vs. Facebook

Google vs. Microsoft

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